Office Christmas

Christmas is big and very important for Filipinos. Whether you’re an employer or businessman  setting up a business in the Philippines, a lover who’s seriously dating a Filipino, or simply a person interested in foreign culture, you should understand how special this day is for each and every Filipino and their families.

Since Filipinos are family-oriented people, “family” pertains not just to our immediate family but to our friends, badminton/tennis playmates, Church-mates, and officemates so don’t be surprised if each group celebrates Christmas with a huge party!

In my case, I didn’t let anything or anyone hinder me from celebrating Christmas with my family in iCube Group and experienced one of the happiest longest line game in my entire life! Haha. Thanks for the underwears and “Glam Rock” theme!

My favorite Mama Dottie in her winning contribution to her team’s game!

Before the group presentations when everybody’s nervous!
And here are random videos to add fun and twist to the usual party:

Wait til you see our winning video presentation where we played Dora, Doraemon and Unknown girls! Haha. 

And as I kiss everyone goodbye this month, they didn’t let me go without a surprise party! I’ll miss everyone and all the fun but I know I’ll see you somewhere sometime! Thank you and from the bottom of my grateful heart, I wish for you to have a great year!

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