Save the date for our “Thanksgiving.”

Hello. You’re directed to this page cause you received our note!

We want you to know first- join us as we promise forever with each other at front of our beloved Creator. We are very lucky and we’re very sure that our thanksgiving and celebration will only be complete with you.

For now, we can only let you know the 4Ws. But we’re sure there’ll be lots of dancing, singing and good food. More details to follow in August!

Vertical (1)

The ceremony is at 6pm and Cyra wants to wake up seeing this beautiful view cause she wants to get used to “good life” after the wedding.


The ceremony will be held in the beautiful and very solemn Calaruega Church where Cyra’s mom can’t stop staring at the gardens. It’s quite a drive to the hill so we hope you’ll watch out for the sunset on the way.

Photo from Google
Photo from Google

We’ll have good food, drinks, beautiful songs, awesome conversations/reunions and lots of dancing in Forest Barn. There won’t be horses, we promise (but we can’t promise there’s no Red Horse, samahan pa ng happy horse sa isang case. Haha).

forest barn

Hope you’ll save the date for us!

With so much love,

Martin & Cyra

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