POKKA rules in a different level

If you’re based in Singapore, chances are you know “POKKA.” A good friend of mine who used to work in this city said that its Green Tea was her usual company when she was working over time.

When I was based in the Philippines, I only know about their Carrot Juice whenever I visit the nearest Japanese grocery store. Rarely, you’ll see you a POKKA drink in the market or hear someone talk about it. Probably because Philippines is a big market for Coca Cola and Nestle and the only tea that’s top of mind aside from Lipton is C2.

But in Singapore, POKKA is everywhere.

In a country where being “healthy” matters, POKKA surely goes ahead of its competitors with all it’s “healthier recipes” and “real” ingredients.

Earlier this week, the brand rolled out its campaign for POKKA COFFEE, the number 1 RTD Coffee in Singapore. Surprised? Well, who wasn’t? I think most of us have Nescafe on top of our heads as the number 1 but surprisingly, the newbie RTD Coffee in the market just got the crown according to Nielsen Report.

Will they stay on top? We never know. But I think, POKKA just elevated their brand into another level, level that is way higher than where Nescafe is standing for years. Not just because POKKA COFFEE is “brewed from real coffee” but because the brand has been portrayed smarter, more authentic and empowered that clearly resonates with its consumers no matter where they are in life. (Since, I’m a big fan, it’s like Harvey Specter with a heart! LOL)

So no matter where the market share will take them to in the years to come, I bet they’ll stay that way and they’ll never go down another level. It was a great start and a grand entrance. 

pokka coffee man transparent

Oh, I’m quite sure I saw a man in this video that resembles someone who drinks Nescafe.

What do you think?

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