Stories are everywhere but those translated into songs are my favourite.

A conversation with my niece, Rei, over the weekend inspired me to write about #PublicRecord by Us the Duo. She was telling me how much she likes storytelling and how stories are everywhere and are presented in different forms. I fully agree with her cause I love stories.

Stories are in movies, books, essays, photos, social media posts and of course, songs. A story is powerful- it motivates, it serves as a warning sometimes, it uplifts, it shows the beauty of us and being human.

Storytellers are amazing people. I can talk about how amazing my friends in Viddsee are for telling various stories across Asia through short films (will write more about these amazing people one of these days) or how brilliant my cousin Joee is for launching an album with all her amazing stories turned into songs (My favourite is the “Song for Mati”) for hours. But what’s more remarkable to me is when these storytellers collaborate with others to tell more interesting stories and this is what the #PublicRecord project is all about.

Us the Duo asked their fans to submit their stories and they’ll write songs about them. Five fan stories were chosen and they were incredibly written.

I’m me” is my favourite.

Saudade, a Portuguese word that talks about the feeling of profound longing, nostalgia or missing someone or something, is another favourite mainly because it captures my feeling towards Dad. Saudade is a good feeling, he never leaves.

If you know me, you’ll know that Us the Duo is one of my favourites ever since I heard their song/wedding vows which eventually became Book of Life’s OST.

Hope you don’t stop sharing stories wherever you are. They make life more interesting. Rei will agree for sure.

What do you think?

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