Mascute, Mascots.

My husband used to work as the “mascot guy”- basically, the guy behind the Jelly Belly mascot. I love mascots.

It was always Sunday when we talk about having our own businesses and dreaming how wonderful it would be if we can provide for our families the life they dream to have. Mhen was usually washing her clothes while I enjoy a cup of coffee at this “home” that we used to share here in Singapore.

As we all know, Singapore offers a lot of opportunities, being a hub in the region but it’s no secret that life here is very unpredictable for foreign talents like us because of work passes- one moment you have a stable job, the next moment, it’s gone. And that fact makes most of us very determined to grasp everything that we could learn to equip ourselves when this “surprising” moment happens.

Mhen is a gem, an authentic talent. I’m always fascinated on how she can turn creative ideas into masterpieces. Her deep thoughts, practical thinking and genuine and sincere point of views make her works exceptional.

I can still remember how she made my niece’s “little mermaid” birthday costume very beautiful, yet comfortable that my niece can run around and enjoy the games during her birthday. Mhen’s creativity doesn’t sacrifice comfort. (If you look closely in Rei’s photo below, you’ll see that under her beautiful tail, she’s wearing comfortably her slippers.) For mascots, Mhen always thinks about the comfort of the person wearing them.

Mhen doesn’t give up until she solves the puzzle. She’s persistent and delivers what she thinks is ought to be delivered to her clients. When she was working on the costumes for Singapore’s National Day Parade and several other events, I’ve seen her in the kitchen during the wee hours playing with her clays (she uses clays for mock-ups), figuring out how the mascots or costumes should be designed.

Enough of my reminiscing- she’s back in the Philippines and now realising her dream as an artist and entrepreneur which she says she feels “alive.” She’s producing and renting out mascots for parties and events. Sabi nga nya, “today’s special moments, are tomorrow’s memories so complete every moment with a mas kamukhang mascot.” 

Below are their very affordable packages for your reference. Feel free to reach me anytime if you want me to connect you with Mhen.





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