Useful 2019 Marketing Reports

It’s Holy Week and Ramadan is just around the corner! With the diversity of cultures and religions, marketers in Southeast Asia are now finding various ways to win their consumers in the most ethical (I hope!), strategic and cost-efficient.

Here’s Google Indonesia’s Winning Ramadan with Digital  Report, in case you need it. 

Marketing without Data
Image source: Google

Though it’s almost half of the year, I’m compiling some great reports that can be useful for your 2019 marketing strategy. A lot of insights to take in, so I recommend all these for your weekend reads!


Global Digital Yearbook 2019 (by We Are Social and Hootsuite)

Technology-driven Retail (by AliResearch)


For all individual digital reports for Southeast Asian markets, please visit Data Reportal’s dedicated page for their SEA reports.


Daily Social’s Start Up Report 2018

IDN Research Institute’s Indonesia Millenial (Bahasa Indonesia)

Indonesia Digital 2019

Data junkie? Oh, you’ll love Data Reportal… All the numbers you need! It’s one of Simon Kemp’s brainchild (if you know him, you’ll confirm it from the sophisticated and very systematic decks for sure. Haha).

Happy reading!


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