Europe Sampler Trip

We know it’s tiring, but we did it anyway. 🙂 If not now, maybe never.

So my dear husband and I got this crazy idea to tick off all those remaining things in my ‘40 things before 40” list. So we’ve given birth to our #CapanzanasEuropeSamplerTrip hoping that we’ll be able to figure out which is the most suitable city for our families to visit someday and to visit those places that I’ve seen in my hand-me-down encyclopedia when I was 4 (#NotJustAPageInEncyclopediaNow). ❤️

“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it.” – John Steinbeck 🤪

We’ve learned a lot about ourselves and our marriage from this trip. To God Be the Glory, forever! ❤️

Here’s a short teaser of our trip:

Our Europe Sampler Trip includes the following places:

Quite like this. 1) Athens, Greece 2) Rome, Italy (of course, Vatican!) 3) Munich, Germany 4) Amsterdam, Netherlands 5) Brussels, Belgium 6) Paris, France 7)Barcelona, Spain

Some of my favorite memories are the train rides– we got to catch up and bond a lot!

Well, the flood in Athens was so memorable! 🙂


The sudden cold weather in Germany was sure memorable, too!

The trash cans in Amsterdam…

The good food and beer in Belgium.

Of course, Churros in Spain!!!


Some places I thought I’d only see in movies and books like… Sagrada Familia…

And of course, Eiffel Tower!

And this view. 🙂



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