Pink hair & Instant Glam with Pearls!


I uploaded photos and videos of me sporting a pink hair on my Instagram account and I had mixed comments about it. But it was actually an experiment at work! I’ve pranked everybody. HAHA.

Pink Hair

Want pink hair? No problem. 🤯 Here’s how?



There’s no denying, nakaka instant “shala” / “glam” / presentable ang pearls.

Southsea Pearls

It is also believed that a pearl instils in its wearer positivity and courage and makes its wearer emotionally accessible, kind, and psychologically healthy. It also instils the ‘desire to travel and explore’ in its wearer. — THAT SOUNDS VERY GOOD TO ME! #MoreReasonsToKeepPearls .

Sharing with you some of my most-loved Southsea Pearls from the Philippines and Indonesia.

PS. Watch the “finest jewellery” in the end: @grammes_jewelry @southseapearlsphilippines_ @theofficialpandora

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