Maldives: Travel on a Budget & Barefoot Luxury!

Because it’s our special month-  October, we’ll be sharing our Maldives adventure from 2 years ago for our #CapanzanasOctobersBest. If you know us, you’ll know that this month is our happy month cause it’s our birthdays and Church wedding anniversary all packed in 3 consecutive days! 🙂

Amazing how time flies, this seems to just to be yesterday! It’s amazing how much stories we have. Hahaha. We’ll share our experiences in Maldives’ capital, cheap ways to enjoy the Maldives (and a comfortable one, too!), how the Maldives look like on top and a lot more.

Note: Since the stories are from 2 years ago, some info may vary. Enjoy!

Barefoot Luxury at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Let’s start on what we all know about Maldives: Luxurious.

And because the Capanzanas always want an “enriching” travel experience, we’ve chosen “the Barefoot Luxury” that saves turtles!

Watch this video as we talk about (nagba-vlog na pala kami 2 years ago! HAHA) our stay at Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, birthday and anniversary celebrations and everything else! Enjoy!

DIY Maldives, for less than 100k Php? We think it’s possible!

Check out the different side of Maldives with our local Maldivian itinerary, submarine experience, and the most beautiful view on top!

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