Baby Please: all about shoes

I’m married to a centipede, I think. 🙂

It’s amazing how I can live with just a few very good pairs of shoes and lesser clothes but Martin can literally have our entire room filled with shoes.

He literally knows every story of the shoe he wears and brags about them. I remember seeing a video of my mom and him talking about shoes, my mom, of course, pretending to understand what he’s talking about. HAHA.

Lately, I see him always staying late helping out someone who wants to do “legit-check” of their limited edition shoes. He started his Facebook and Instagram pages and post his reviews/ vlogs on our Youtube Channel.

His topics vary from “How To,” Spotlight on Collectors, Unboxing, etc. He like watches and caps, too but his love for shoes is more, for sure! But I think his love for me is more than shoes (I hope! Hahahaha).

Here are some of his content:

How to spot a Fake Yeezy


Spotlight on Collectors


Unboxing Videos



Here’s the Baby Please playlist on our Youtube Channel!


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