You might have seen a Filipino in your area and now you’ve stumbled upon one [again] online. Cyra po. I tell stories about places, advertising, marketing and everything in between.

WANDERFUL. Where  my travel stories are. I talk about my impressions, discoveries, thoughts as I go out of my comfort zone, meet the world and share how it is to be a Filipino to the worldNever stop wOAndering!

NINE-TO-SIX. My bread and butter, a space for all the extra things I learn everyday, all those people who inspire me and situations that motivate me. Everything I come across about Marketing in Asia.

Something personal. 

DAD’S WOW. It’s just right there somewhere. My great Dad’s words of wisdom and stories so I wouldn’t miss him that much! *hardest thing on earth*

PINOY IN SG. Because I moved to Singapore in 2013, it is now my second home. Such a beautiful country.

MISIS. The crazy beautiful marriage and the cultures, places and stories we share.

Sometimes our heads can’t just contain our thoughts, that’s why I blog.

Also, in the words of one of my heroes, Maria Ressa, “Meaning is not something you stumble across nor what someone gives you. You build it through every choice you make, through the commitments you choose, the people you love, and the values you live by.”  I think it’s just here. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Kumusta?

  1. You do what I can only dream of doing. So proud of you and can’t wait to read each word you share with the world. Know that you contribute to this world and that you touch lives; one at a time, precious nonetheless. In your blood runs the proud legacy of our forefathers, wanderers and adventurers. Lola Ayong and Kuya Tantin did well. ❤️

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