Hello, my name is Cyra.

I started storytelling in 2007, probably earlier, but that’s when I discovered livejournal and poetryvine (now poetrypoem.com). My storytelling moved domains and changed names as I reached different milestones- from “Remember the trash cans” to “Marengkayod” and now compiled here, serving the same purpose when I first wrote a word online- to update and share my stories to my family and friends.

I am curious and trash can advocate.

Growing up with the NPAs in the southern part of Luzon Island in the Philippines, I got interested with Broadcast Journalism since it’s the only profession that I can justify why I wanted to have a conversation with the “communist party.” 🙂

I started working as a researcher in a British magazine, then moved to ABSCBN to start a career on TV Production. I finally had a chance to work in News & Current Affairs department but after a couple of years in working on TV, I decided to explore the corporate world.

Since I didn’t know anything about business (aside from my experience in selling in the market when I was a kid), I began my learning process from working as Advertising sales in Philippine Primer, a startup Japanese lifestyle magazine and website. I learned the in and out of Publishing- Editorial, Media Relations, Circulation, Business Development, Marketing and Brand Management. I left Primer fulfilled seeing how the company has grown after 3 years. I’ve grown as a marketer as well, interested to understand various markets. Now, I have the secret desire to buy few of its shares. haha.

I love travelling and meeting new people. Through it, I widened my perspective and humbled myself. I’ve found a lot of beautiful opportunities in my life by travelling like my all-expense-paid overseas conferences in Southeast Asia. I used to travel solo a lot before getting married to my beautiful husband, Martin. We’re now sharing our travel and marriage stories on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook via @thecapanzanas. 

I started an online business called “Closet” but realised that I wasn’t ready to run my own especially when my awesome Dad passed away so I moved to Singapore to join We Are Social in and exploring this beautiful life! I got married in 2015.

**Everything that is written in this site is solely my personal views and opinions. Photos and videos are taken by me or my friends unless it is stated. I know you understand that photos, videos and texts shall not be used without my permission.

Contact me anytime at aimeecyra@gmail.com or thru Skype: cyracaparros | Gtalk: aimeecyra.

What do you think?

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