“HARD WORK NEVER KILLS A MAN.” (- Ogilvy) This is a space for all the extra things I learn every day, all those people who inspire me and situations that motivate me to move forward. Everything Social, Integrated, Advertising and everything that I come across on Marketing in Asia is here.

In the Philippines, I have a couple of years of experience in Television Production and a few years in Publishing where I learned the ins and outs of Editorial, Media Relations, Circulation & Brand Management, and in some areas where I developed a passion — Business Development, Marketing and Account Management.

I moved to Singapore in 2013 to join We are Social Singapore and dived into the digital industry. After a few years, I moved to an integrated marketing agency in Singapore that gave me opportunities to be more involved in holistic marketing for great brands. I’m not managing business development and marketing for a technology company covering Southeast Asia.

Want to chat and connect? Here’s my LinkedIn Profile.

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