Useful 2019 Marketing Reports

It’s Holy Week and Ramadan is just around the corner! With the diversity of cultures and religions, marketers in Southeast Asia are now finding various ways to win their consumers in the most ethical (I hope!), strategic and cost-efficient. Here’s Google Indonesia’s Winning Ramadan with Digital  Report, in case you need it.  Though it’s almost half of the year, I’m compiling some great reports that can … Continue reading Useful 2019 Marketing Reports

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POKKA rules in a different level

If you’re based in Singapore, chances are you know “POKKA.” A good friend of mine who used to work in this city said that its Green Tea was her usual company when she was working over time. When I was based in the Philippines, I only know about their Carrot Juice whenever I visit the nearest Japanese grocery store. Rarely, you’ll see you a POKKA drink in the … Continue reading POKKA rules in a different level

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Pacman survived the “bad weather”

I knew that this moment will drag me back here and write something that I’d love to remember years from now. As an expat in the little red dot, everyone’s in awe whenever I tell stories of how Pacman turns the busy streets of Manila (and all parts of the Philippines) into ghost town whenever he has a fight. As crazy as it sounds, it’s like an unsaid … Continue reading Pacman survived the “bad weather”

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No more #ChickenSad, #HaySalamat!

Jollibee is my childhood hero. Though I’m not a big fan of fast food, I crave for the regular yum, spaghetti and chicken joy every once in awhile. Up to now, there are very few Asian (except Japanese) brands that become “global brands.”  And for the Philippines, Jollibee is one brand that the country can be globally proud of and call its own. I visited home 2 … Continue reading No more #ChickenSad, #HaySalamat!

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Catching Up: Social in Asia

For all we know, digital and social is a very fast-paced industry and we- marketers, social media practitioners, entrepreneurs and even CEO, CMO, CFO-  all have to keep up with the changes. At some point, what we’ve mastered about Facebook ads or Twitter content best practices last year may not be applicable to our campaigns this year. So I thought of curating some relevant social media news, specifically in Asia (cause you’ll read those big news/changes in The Next Web, Mashable or Tech in Asia) so I’ll be updated together with you.

For now, I’ll be repurposing some of the content that I’ve written in We Are Social Singapore’s Tuesday Tune Up.  But will be curating more as much as possible in the days to come. Have fun!

Continue reading “Catching Up: Social in Asia”

eBook: Social Brands by We Are Social Singapore

Some marketers may not believe entirely but each and every one of them nowadays know that they have to integrate “social” in their marketing. plans no matter how small scale the campaigns are. Most of them, especially here in Asia don’t even know where to start. You might have seen this ebook a couple of times since it was published online last month but, in case not, please … Continue reading eBook: Social Brands by We Are Social Singapore

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2014 APAC Digital Overview

It’s a new year! C’mon, you shouldn’t be so pessimist at this time of the year!? 🙂 If one of your goals this year is to expand business in Asia Pacific, We Are Social’s Digital, Social and Mobile Report should come in handy when you plot out you next steps. Not from Asia or no plans to expand here? These may be more relevant to … Continue reading 2014 APAC Digital Overview

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Beauty in East Asia means skincare, while in SEA it’s makeup: Hakuhodo

Interested in Asia? I found this interesting article from that might be helpful. ASIA-PACIFIC- East Asian women focus more on skincare, while makeup takes precedence in Southeast Asia, according to a Hakuhodo study on the perception of beauty products across 14 Asian cities. Part of its Global Habit survey, which conducts around 900 interviews in each of 34 cities (more than 1,000 interviews in … Continue reading Beauty in East Asia means skincare, while in SEA it’s makeup: Hakuhodo

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