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‘Thank you for flying with Air Asia‘ was my famous line because of my white top and red-orange skirt that everyone made fun of during the Asean Bloggers Conference 2011 in Bali, Indonesia (but I actually flew via Cebu Pacific: MNL-KL and Air Asia: KL-DPS), which we prefer to call Southeast Asian Bloggers Conference  after a few intense discussions among bloggers in the neighboring countries which I personally and firmly agree on to lessen the political connections and promote more on the friendly and indispensable goal of developing friendship and sharing of ideas and stories among bloggers in Southeast Asia. 

As what I’ve said in a couple of interviews (yohoo! you read it right, I had interviews which made things weirdly interesting), I am not a hardcore blogger, I don’t find much time to update my blog that makes me wonder ‘why the hell am I in this blogger’s conference?’ (Well, that was the same question of Mike from Google when we had a little chitchat before dinner. Haha.) but I am one example of a huge number of personal bloggers in the Philippines who try to find their own simple joys in sharing their everyday stories to the world hoping that even once those stories can make an impact for a change and inspiration to others, or probably, to themselves. I’m following some people who blog about their shoes, pets and even their advocacy and this made me realize that it’s really hard to measure success or even conclude what happiness is because each of us differs from one another and our priorities and interests are totally different that brought me to the question, ‘why are there some people who still envy other people even if they don’t have the same preference or standards of success and happiness?’ 

So back to blogging, I got a couple of comments from random people in the other side of the world who don’t even know where the Philippines is (but they just want to ask really where Philippines is and not about what I wrote) but generally, I write because I’m fond of it (I’m a Journalism graduate) and I write about what interest me and what might interest others too because I know that for us to stay happy and enthusiastic about life, we should learn something or have fun with the things we stumble upon everyday.Well, I think I write just to simply document important events, things, emotions in my life that will answer my questions when I look back and find the emptiness that I may feel one day, someday. 

 I’ve met so many interesting people in the conference that inspired and have influenced how I think nowadays. 

I’m sorry but I’ve grabbed some of my these photos in some twitter accounts of other participants since I’ve seen my name mentioned and I’ve seen some ugly stolen shots. 🙂 The conference was attended by some bloggers from Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei, of course Indonesia (almost a hundred), and I really like the famous Filipino blogger that I met there (in the middle of the photo above in our Filipiniana costume), Tonyo Cruz, which is the star of my self-made game ‘where is tonyo?’ when I was wondering who is Tonyo in the layover to Denpasar.

Looking at the photos, I realized that I was a hardcore rule follower who was too much excited to wear our traditional/national costume (since we just wear it during formal events or weddings unlike ‘batik‘) during the dinner of the conference that lead me to the discovery of random people with photos with me because I was sort of a mascot. haha. But seriously, I liked it! At least I was able to wear Balintawak/Filipiniana.

To sum it up, I think I share the same goal and happiness about blogging with Mena Trott, the founding mother of blogging revolution. Like her, I believe that we can produce a friendlier world through blogging.

The power of posting and reposting.

I have been busy working on with the tasks that piled up at work after being away for almost a week for the Southeast Asia Blogger’s Conference in Bali, Indonesia. Aside from work, I’m still worried about how my dad reacts on his current condition. There were so many things that happened that makes me want to blog 5 times a day. Haha. In the Philippines, Social Media has played an indispensable role in the past election and some disasters like the typhoon Ondoy. Lately, the trend in Philippine’s Social Media inspired me, it was not just about the former President Gloria Arroyo being arrested but also, when a Facebook user (Jeddie JS) has helped an old couple find each other amidst the crowded city through posting and sharing a photo in Facebook.

The story of Lola Aurelia & Lolo Luis was in Facebook and Twitter the whole week and I was surprised to see in the local news today that Jeddie and Lola Aurelia finally met each other to greet and thank each other.

According to reports, Jeddie saw Lola Aurelia in Roxas Boulevard sitting and wearing a daster pinned with flyers at front and back, of the husband that she was looking for in weeks. The good-hearted Jeddie was touched how Lola Aurelia patiently gives out the flyers to every person who passes by, hoping that someone will lead her back to her husband, Lolo Luis Matias. The photo that Jeddie took and shared was reposted more than 60,000 times in Facebook that lead to the attention of a GMA News Team that later on helped Lola Aurelia in her hunt for his one and only love.

I’ve seen in my Facebook News Feed and Twitter Timeline touching posts of friends about the moment of reunion of the couple and I was intrigued on how it went. Here’s the video of the touching reunion:
I was touched with Lola Aurelia’s interview when she mentioned of how worried and sad she is whenever she eats because she thinks about if her husband has something to eat or if he has a place to stay. It reminded me of my dad saying that he needs to go home in our province even if he’s sick because my mom is alone. Being a hopeless romantic as I am, this incident taught me 3 important things:
  1. That true love exists. Fighting for your love (and his welfare) is never a waste of time.
  2. That a good heart can make this world a better place to live in and our good intentions can help others through our own simple ways.
  3. That New Media or Social Media is truly playing a vital role in today’s generation so we all need to be responsible in everything that we share in the internet.
According to some articles of John Russel of asiancorrespondent.com, Japan is the model for mobile social networking, Hi-5 is the most popular social mobile networking in Thailand, Jakarta has the largest Facebook population of any city in the world with 17.5 million users, while Philippines has the highest proportion of users per population naming it the Social Networking Capital of the world in his article in May 2011. You can also refer to Tonyo Cruz’ post on the Nielsen’s first report on Southeast Asia’s Digital Consumer Report.

As I switch from one channel to another, I’ve seen so many news about a person’s ruined reputation through blogs and social networks that remind me that whatever we post can make or break a person or organization. It can also make some people furious and annoyed. I like what Dian Paramita, an Indonesian friend and blogger that I met in Bali, have said in her post that talks about how people should not react or comment on things that they don’t fully understand. (Haha. I don’t understand why there are some funny people who just talks without understanding the whole picture, generalize and force others to believe in what he/she believes in.)

Anyone is free to write and express their thoughts in the internet anytime and anywhere about anything. But I really hope that everyone should always think that there’s a consequence in our every action and every post. Remember, internet is not limited to your network, it is global and has the power to make this world a better place.

As what Maria Ressa said in her interview with Philippine StarAs social media becomes bigger and bigger in our country, it has the power to spread the following: Terrorism. Fear. But also hope.If corruption spreads through social media, we can also counter it. If we spread that within our networks, and share the action they can take for it, then we begin to change reality.”