Who doesn’t love Open-Air Cinema?

I’m a sucker for outdoor- parks and beaches especially. Plus, I love films. So you can imagine how much I love open-air cinemas.

Ever since I ticked it off from “my list,” I can’t stop researching and waiting for the next open-air cinema schedule. And it just got better when Singapore had the first Sunset Cinema in May!

Fresh air, sand, a good film (I watched Lion that time!), good booze and food, and a good company under the stars is one of the best feelings on earth for me. 🙂 

There are plenty of food for you to choose from, top it up with some wine or beer and the night is perfect!

Instead of arriving right before the film starts, Sunset Cinema encouraged the film-goers to arrive early (gates open at 5pm) to catch up with friends while enjoying the pre-film ambience with a drink in one hand and a bite to eat in the other. As the sun sets, there were also a DJ and instrumentalists that spread the summer love from 5pm-7:30pm before the feature film begins at dusk (7:30pm).

The DJ played over the normal speakers but for the feature film itself, the audio was broadcasted via a state of the art wireless headphones which every film-goer was issued upon entry. Those noise cancelling headphones enabled us to immerse ourselves in the film wherever we were in the area (queueing for food, seats, toilet) and allowed us to control our own volume. We didn’t miss a part at all or got annoyed with a talkative seatmate during the film!

I just heard the news that the Films At The Fort will be back in August! Presented by Casillero del Diablo, it will be in the same spot as last year!

Films At The Fort is celebrating its 5th anniversary in the beautiful natural amphitheatre of Fort Canning Park from 3rd – 20th August. Truly, Singapore at its best – the perfect place to unwind with friends over a glass of wine, good food and an award winning film on a balmy night.

You can bring your own food, but you cannot bring your own alcohol and all bags will be checked for alcohol at the entrance. Our friends baked cookies and brought some chips last year (I miss you, Vee! Come back here!).

There are also inflatable cushions (sit upright or layback) for sale at $14 and can be re-used after the event at the beach or park. Alternatively, you can bring your own cushions, blankets and rugs but out of respect for others, you are not permitted to bring folding chairs.

This year’s film programme spans three weeks and includes a curated collection of new releases, premieres, cult classics and documentaries. One of my all-time favourite movies, “Lifes is Beautiful” will be shown and I can’t wait to watch it since the last time I’ve seen it was during my Cinematography class in college.

So if you’re visiting Singapore this August (just like my very loved Ate/Ninang Zarah), check out their website and chill with the good wine and movie!

You might find this FAQ useful, too!

Near Clark Quay, Taku & I waited for the sunset as we admire the beauty of Singapore. “I’ll show you around when I work here soon,” I uttered as we listened to the silence and watched the sun goes down. 

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Singapore, it’s always Sunday.

“There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing”—that’s what I read in one of the under renovation shops in Marina Bay Sands and I think, that’s Singapore for me. Living in Singapore I think is like living only once in a week– only on a Sunday when everyone’s getting together, happily greeting each other, eat out, unlimited sharing of stories, fast paced but friendly environment and definitely can be a day with books and sharing of stories over a cup of coffee. For someone from Manila like me, Singapore is like a big Fort Bonifacio High Street, a safer one.

Singapore is such a mixture of culture and the diversity makes this small country interesting and fun to visit. First stop, Chinatown.

The Chinatown amazed me for its cleanliness and entertaining atmosphere. Maybe it’s because most of the people in Singapore is Chinese and walking in the stretch with Chinese decorations made me feel that I was actually in China. I got our pairs of chopsticks for S$2 each.
Of course the Chinatown experience won’t be complete without eating frogs which has the taste of “in between fish and chicken.”

Bollywood is the new Hollywood, that’s what they say. Well, watching 3 Idiots, I will definitely agree to that, but Singapore can also be a haven for Bollywood fans. Then we transported to a different culture, The Little India.

India is one of the most colourful cultures for me and we were just so lucky when we visited because they just finished Deepavali (also known as Diwali Dipawali, etc), the “Festival of lights” which is one of the most important festivals in a year for Hindus when the families get together and performs traditional activities together. It was a national holiday in Singapore.

Of course Indian food is one of the most distinct and delicious food ever made by mankind. Haha. And so we tried the famous fish head curry in Singapore and finally met Gulaab Jammun.

                After trying out various dishes, our taste buds craved for the original Singaporean food so we headed to Hawker Centreand had a taste Laksa and taho.

   We also tried the famous Chili Crab in Jumbo Seafood Restaurant near Clark Quay. 

     And definitely, Halloween is awesome in Singapore.

                I can consider Singapore as one of the best places for walking, especially if you want to feel like traveling in different places when you can stop your feet (well depends on the mood). Maybe a few steps from Singapore Art Museum, we’ve reached the Arab Street where I found nice shops and restaurants that will definitely transport you to the Middle East. I think it’s one of my favourite streets there.

                A few more steps then we reached Little Thailand, Little Malaysia and maybe the Lucky Plaza can be Little Philippines. Haha. (I’ll surely visit Lucky Plaza on my next trip to Singapore.)

                Every street in this country has different character. Taku and I were so amazed on the architecture of the city.
Look at the water in the ceiling! Woaa!
                We sneaked in the bar of Marina Bay Sands not just for our usual Mojito but to see the beauty of the city from the top. It was breath taking.

                We just moved around the city, tried the bus and MRT, and were wowed with the way of life and amiable nature of the Singaporeans. 

               With Taku’s friendly and nice nature, I believe that he fits in Singapore. I wish I could live there too so that every day is Sunday.

Thanks to Heidi, a couchsurfer from Malaysia for walking around with us! See you soon!