Are you a Filipino? Aside from Jollibee, you probably consider “Eat Bulaga,” the longest running noon time show in the Philippines, a part of your memories growing up. I do. And I follow them on Facebook.

And if you’re like me, you should’ve followed (cause it’s just in your newsfeed! Haha) Paolo Ballestero‘s journey to the #MakeUpTransformation stardom. It went viral and was picked up by international prints and websites including the Daily Mail in UK, Cosmopolitan Magazine and even MTV. It reached some celebrities that he copied like Tyra Banks and was shared even by Ashton Kutcher. Go on, Google his name and see the updates!

(photo from Eat Bulaga’s FB page)

Curious, I searched Instagram to see if there are other #makeuptransformation hashtags created from other Asian countries and found very few. How about the Philippines? I guess Filipino netizens enjoyed it the most and Kathrine Bernardo, a Filipino actress, was the most popular subject.

Look what I found via the #makeuptransformationph hashtag:

1. The Alaska Fan“Wala pa ring tatalo sa Alaska..”

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.04.11 pm

2. Look for your favourite characters.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.04.39 pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.05.31 pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.04.23 pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.16.17 pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.16.33 pm

3. Family fun!

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.05.09 pm

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.16.04 pm

4. Favourite pet.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.05.45 pm

5. Now, Ted-dy for real.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.23.31 pm

6. And my friend turned into a man- donut.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.27.57 pm

7. I think it’s only in the Philippines.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.16.44 pm

8. Yes, the famous bee.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.37.15 pm

And to prove my nationality, I’ve given art direction and volunteered my photography skills for this one. LOL.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 3.49.01 pm

No more #ChickenSad, #HaySalamat!

Jollibee is my childhood hero. Though I’m not a big fan of fast food, I crave for the regular yum, spaghetti and chicken joy every once in awhile. Up to now, there are very few Asian (except Japanese) brands that become “global brands.”  And for the Philippines, Jollibee is one brand that the country can be globally proud of and call its own.

I visited home 2 weeks ago and was so sad when the Jollibee outlet I visited had no chicken and spaghetti available. At some point, I really thought there was no sense of going home at all. Haha. Ok, that was an exaggeration but the trip did feel incomplete.

Then when I went back to work, I noticed that my newsfeed was flooding with #ChickenSad hashtags. That’s when I realized I was not alone, and it was the whole country feeling sad [or mad ?] having no Chickenjoy at all. According to Rappler, a major IT system change was to be blamed for the lack of the popular Chickenjoy in Jollibee stores. The change affected the fast food giant’s inventory and delivery system, forcing 72 stores to close.

Translation: “I don’t have a boyfriend, now I can’t even have Chickenjoy.”

Translation: “They don’t serve anything cause they’re updating their system….are they printing chicken?”  

Translation: Wait, I was able to buy a bucket of Chicken joy last week. What just happened?

Translation: “I should’ve taken a photo of the last chicken joy I’ve eaten on Saturday (Aug 2). Maybe it’s really going to be the last.”

Some panicked and called the police.

Translation: “(Police Twitter Handle) Help! Until now, we don’t have Chicken Joy, sir.”

Some just reenacted the BTS.

Some turned into entrepreneurs.

Communities in some universities jumped to learn from the issue right away.

And the OFWs participated in the fun.

But as expected, some brands will just take advantage of a competitor’s crisis. I’ve seen this becoming a trend and brands are not just trendjacking, they’re even crisis-jacking (trying my luck if there’s such word). But for this one, they chickened out and deleted the post. Read Marketing Interactive’s write up on this.


How did Jollibee handle the crisis on social? They responded on every negative tweet that they received.

And…today, told you how much they missed you.

I admit it. I had so much fun reading conversations on #chickensad but to be honest, this is a crisis turned out as a good publicity.This is my favorite post- The 8 stages of Grief. And here are some of my takeaways:

  • The strong affiliation of Jollibee as a brand to the lives of Filipinos has been proven
  • Just like what happened to Globe Telecom a couple of years ago, lack of communication or not informing the consumer on an upcoming upgrade will either make or break the brand.
  • Competitors or other brands tend to jump in conversations to take advantage of a brand’s lowest point during a crisis (So you better be ready to fight back!). 

But today, no more #ChickenSad. #HaySalamat! (“Hay” is a Filipino expression for “relief.” “Salamat”is thank you). I think below is a better move from a brand (Globe Telecom).


Catching Up: Social in Asia

For all we know, digital and social is a very fast-paced industry and we- marketers, social media practitioners, entrepreneurs and even CEO, CMO, CFO-  all have to keep up with the changes. At some point, what we’ve mastered about Facebook ads or Twitter content best practices last year may not be applicable to our campaigns this year. So I thought of curating some relevant social media news, specifically in Asia (cause you’ll read those big news/changes in The Next Web, Mashable or Tech in Asia) so I’ll be updated together with you.

For now, I’ll be repurposing some of the content that I’ve written in We Are Social Singapore’s Tuesday Tune Up.  But will be curating more as much as possible in the days to come. Have fun!

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Have a break when #Facebookdown

In the midst of all the commotion and panic when Facebook was down today, KitKat Philippines quickly found an opportunity. #reactivebrandsonsocial


I’ve been talking about this small initiative of We Are Social Singapore for Father’s Day on Twitter but since I really love this project, I’m keeping its awesomeness here.

Basically, a Tumblr site was created to host those #Donttellmum moments that you share with your dad. So you can share via tumblr or on Twitter by tagging @happydadsday.

It was Daddy’s second death anniversary yesterday but it seems that it was just yesterday. I can still remember how he laughs, how he calls me, and how he nods whenever I consult him about my decision. Everything that I do, when he confirms, I’m 200% confident. Never mind the outcome, my dad says it doesn’t matter as long as you know you did the right thing and what makes you happy.

I got a few #Donttellmum moments with my dad but this one is so him.

Oh I hate that you’re not here on Sunday.

Share your Dad moments here: http://happydadsday.tumblr.com/

eBook: Social Brands by We Are Social Singapore

Some marketers may not believe entirely but each and every one of them nowadays know that they have to integrate “social” in their marketing. plans no matter how small scale the campaigns are. Most of them, especially here in Asia don’t even know where to start. You might have seen this ebook a couple of times since it was published online last month but, in case not, please “exploit!”

Now, your brand can be a social brand.


#Selfie leader in Asia: Philippines

Time Magazine’s map of the selfies in the Philippines Read more: Philippines and Malaysia took the most Instagram selfies in Asia http://www.techinasia.com/philippines-malaysia-instagram-selfies-asia/

Time Magazine’s map of the selfies in the Philippines

No wonder my social feeds are full of selfies! Haha.

According to Time magazine’s The Selfiest Cities in the Word report (via TechInAsia), The Philippines emerged as the selfie leader in Asia followed by Malaysia. TIME counted the Instagram photos with #selfie hashtags and geographic locations for two five-day periods between January and March through the site’s API. The high selfie rate may be attributed to the growing smartphone adoption in the Philippines. In 2011, the Philippines was considered the “social capital of the world,” when Facebook became more popular than Google. Malaysia is the second country that has taken the most selfies in Asia led by its Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who was recently spotted taking a selfie with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Selfies are definitely a popular trend in Asia with Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia cities making it to the top 100 ‘selfiest’ cities list.