Dad’s WOW #6

Respect is never forced or demanded.
It’s always earned.
When you think about it, some seem to be mandatory like respect for parents, teachers, elders.
But think again, they earned it.l
Dad used to tell me, I have to work hard for it.
Others need to work hard for my respect too.
30 Augoo


Japan: Buying train tickets

Believe me, buying train tickets in Japan is not as complicated as its railways. If you’re a worrier like me and you’ll be visiting Japan soon, let go of that worry! Even if you have zero Nihonggo skills, buying train ticket in Japan using their (all-Japanese) ticketing machine is as easy as 1, 2,3. 🙂

Here, I quickly filmed it.

Burdang Taal, Habing Pilipino

I had an amazing time last Saturday in the Philippine Fashion Week. Though alone, I got to appreciate more the Filipino craftsmanship that made me want for more.

There were 17 designers who showcased their collections of Burdang Taal, a very detailed hand-embroidery technique that originated in Taal, Batangas, in formal, casual, classic, relax, dreamy, easy, cocktail styles.

I like the top of this JC Buendia design. I think I could wear this top going to work paired with a simple easy skirt.

Also caught my eye is the sophistication of this top and skirt by Dong Omaga-Diaz.

I personally like Fanny Serrano and seeing his fabulous collection made me feel so proud of where the Philippine Fashion is now. The colors and details are very pleasing.

I like Lito Perez and his collections, too! Lito Perez is very talented that you can see the very historical and elegant details of his collections. I had a chance to work with him before when we feature Villa Tortuga, an ancestral house in Taal where you can wear Filipino traditional costumes and live like an Illustrado, and I fell in love his crafts so quickly. I like the color and please notice the details in the skirts.

When I was looking at this collection, I was imagining that it’s being worn by the Philippine Airlines flight attendants! Haha. Personally, I think, this will look good on them and will add sophistication. This collection is from Rolando Lirio.

Here are the other collections:

Dong Omaga-Diaz

Randy Ortiz

Edgar Madamba

I like the skirt’s designs!

Edgar San Diego

Johnny Abad

Jontie Martinez

Oskar Peralta

JC Buendia

The featured collections are from Edgar Madamba, Vic Barba, Bergamo, Dong Omaga-Diaz, Lito Perez, JC Buendia, Fanny Serrano, Gerry Katigbak, Johnny Abad, Edgar San Diego,Ole Morabe, Jontie Martinez, Roland Lirio, Richard Papa, Anthony Nocom, Randy Ortiz, Oskar Peralta.

I personally like the collections and I’m hoping that there’ll be more of this kind in the Philippine Fashion Week for the coming years because they showcase the Filipino talent and craftsmanship that is very unique and sophisticated.

This is my favorite suspense thriller travel video so far. Haha. I think it’s totally not making any sense but I just really love the fun. It was actually our anniversary trip last February and while in an island in Palawan, we just got so hooked in video editing that we even had a competition between the two of us. 🙂

Well, I like how Taku composed his video but mine was reblogged by Club Paradise (the island resort we’ve been) so I think I won. LOL.