25 and looking forward!

Note to everyone: this is a bit mushy and very personal blog entry, please bare with me, I know this is too girly. Haha.

“Every scar, pimple and wrinkle in your body is a sign of a life well-lived,” uttered by my ever cheerful mom who always tries to be positive despite the difficulties. For the past 25 years, I lived by that principle and will continue living with it for the years to come.

As 2011 ends and as I come to the realization that I am finally 25, the moment of self-evaluation comes with a celebration. I think I was blessed with a very supportive family and friends and lucky to have met wonderful people along the way (and hoping to meet more for the next years!) who taught me how to do things right and not to stop dreaming and believing. Just like what Elle Woods says, “Believing in yourself never goes out of style.” I listed the 25 things that I dreamed and gambled to achieve in 25 years:
  1. Hiked and Climbed mountains (dreamed and experienced before I turned 18).
  2.  Surfed (finally!).
  3.  Delivered speeches in public.
  4. Produced and directed a documentary about New People’s Army (NPA)– Basically, this was the reason why I took up Journalism, when I experienced being in the middle of the NPA and RP Military encounter when I was in high school then wondered why they were doing such things.
  5.  Camped (with and without electricity)- I grew up with this!
  6.  Won a provincial quiz bee.- Subject: Filipino.
  7.   Had different sort of relationships (long, short, quick, emotional, and easy. Haha)
  8. Published in newspapers (hope there are some in blogs too in the near future. *fingers crossed* Hope I’ll be able to do something interesting and beneficial to others.
  9. Graduated with honors. – those days. Haha.
  10. Worked in TV Production and News & Current Affairs department in one of the biggest TV networks in the Philippines.
  11.  Backpacked in and out of the Philippines.
  12. Slept in the airport and train/bus terminal.
  13. Couchsurfed and explore cultures.
  14. Played basketball and got a medal. (haha. Only award in college)
  15. Got drunk and threw up.
  16. Composed a song.- I used to write poems a lot so it was easier to put a melody.
  17. Appeared on national TV. Haha.
  18. Had a broken heart (twice!).
  19.  Became a manager.
  20. Partied til I dropped.- I can’t do this anymore! It comes with the age. Haha.
  21. Got a degree! – I think this is always in the list of achievements of Filipinos in my generation. I got a few staff interviews and when I asked them about their achievements, it’s the “degree!”
  22. Brought a gift for my dad. I was too glad to finally buy something expensive for my dad last Christmas, watch. I hope this Christmas too!
  23. Got good friends.
  24. Now learned and having the best. *kilig*
  25.  Travel abroad. – I promised myself that I must be able to reach this goal before I turn 25. I thought about it all the time, wrote it over and over and travelled 3 times before 25.
A friend once said that when you’re 25, it’s too early to give up on your dreams and settle for less but too late to not know what you want in life. I suddenly felt that I’m in a very critical age. Haha. I need to start the 5 to 10 years plan again cause I just finished the first 5-year plan that I did when I was 20 and included in my list are the following:

·         Have a few good businesses: Flower Farm & Shop with my Mom (oh! Please help me God!), (Recycled) Paper & Accessories Shop or Travel Essentials Shop because I get high with these stuffs, Coffee Shop and maybe a Marketing & Events Management Company (if I can survive the fast-changing creative industry and will be able to invent and reinvent all the time.  Just like what Jeff Benjamin said in Spikes Festival 2011, “Invent or Die.”)
·         Good savings for retirement! (me and my parents)
·         Europe & South America Trips (Italy hello!)
·    Have good blogs and eventually publish an e-book or books about Marketing & Advertising as a mirror of each nation/culture and a fiction or novel.
·         I secretly dreams of being a travel show host or a show about cultures and nations. Shhh…
·         If lucky enough and fate permits, I’d love to stay happy in love and finally have my little angels. *hmmm*

Just like when I first written my goals when I was 8, I didn’t know which will be achieved but I knew that it must be written to be remembered for me to be better every day. 
Let’s all make 2012 a better year for a better us!

My former boss said "good job!"

I sent a message to my boss’s YM account upon seeing him online. I just said “How are you?”
Then we talked for a while.
Since we didnt end up good, I remained too casual and a bit rude.

pma pma: aimee… WELL DONE ON YOUR JOB
Cyra: thanks.
Cyra: yea…and just like before, i’ll do my best for a job well done…and for d company im working for
pma pma: BYE FOR NOW
Cyra: thanks
Cyra: anyway, im glad you spelled my name correctly now! haha
Cyra: bye
pma pma: BYE

I want to have a new life now. Haha.
God knows, I want to forgive but never forget cause I learned a lot.

Life will never be happy with those “unhappy” thoughts.

My life is starting…

I’ll be stepping in PICC for the first time.

I’ll be stepping in PICC for the first time.

I didn’t get a chance to watch any theatrical play in CCP or a graduation in PICC, the only time I see these places is whenever I’m on my way to Manila. For a genuine probinsyana like me, marching in PICC Auditorium is one hell of a dream come true. Thanks to Mom and Dad! And to my ever-supportive Tita Billie and Couz Zha. Things were not easy for me. Getting the degree in Broadcast Journalism put me in thrilling yet dangerous experiences that truly honed my talents and sharpened even my confidence. Broadcast Journalism is all about life’s wonders.

I used to write “Baccalaureate” in my little pink notebook when I was in high school because I didn’t know how to spell it right! yey!

Thanksgiving completes me.

I went to Baccalaureate alone, without my parents. It simply sucks but like what my ever-supportive ninong Leo have said, “That kind of situation and feeling can make you tough…”

Two days from now, I’ll formally have my Bachelor’s degree and offer that to my loving parents who are now still in Quezon, waiting for my lil sis to finish her NSTP and for our pigs to empty their wombs with my thank-God-to-piglets scholarship. Haha. I want to be a vegetarian and advocates animals rights, but I’m giving harm to pigs for my education…so ironic. =(

Well, thank you Chabelita, Maria, Rita, and a lot more (those are our pigs’ names…shhh.) for sacrificing for your little playmate’s education! Hope you had a fulfilled stay here on earth!

Life is good when you’re living it.