Forgetful Blogger

“Do you want me to take your picture?” was how Kris and I started a conversation when me and my Japanese friends were trying to take our photo before boarding. 

Kris is fun. So I decided to introduce him to my Indonesian girlfriends/ bloggers.

“I want to be a blogger.” He’s funny, so the four of us started a fun blogging tutorial.

And yes, he was the gatecrasher in Blogfest Asia 2012!

I thought it will end in Siem Reap together with his thoughts that he might have an amnesia someday and his only proof of existence and memories is his blog. But I was wrong. 

I read this in his blog:

My First Tumblr blog is dedicated to my three new friends I met in Cambodia!  They have not only accepted me as their new best friend but also introduce me to the art of blogging!  So I can say whatever I want!  I wanted to visit Cambodia for the long weekend, but who would have thought I would meet three dedicated bloggers!

And I suddenly miss the three of them 😦 

We are so proud of Kris and we hope that he’ll be more inspired to share and blog. Keep us posted with your adventures!

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Fashionably Asian

I love being Asian. I love being Southeast Asian more because there’s something unique in ASEAN’s traditional clothes that I find so elegant and full of characters and stories of the past.

Fortunately, I met some interesting beautiful ladies that continuously sharing and wearing their love for their Southeast Asian culture. 


Please don’t sue me for taking Jessica’s photo from her blog. Please. Jessicat fans. 🙂

I love Jessica. She’s a very vibrant, fun and smart (and hot!) Malaysian. I like how she tells her adventures everyday and of course meeting her personally is a different story, conversations are longer and more fun!

In the photo above, she’s wearing a handmade printed dress from Cambodia. Check out more of her fun adventures and style at or in twitter: @ImTheJessicat.


Don’t be deceived by the beautiful smile, she’s tougher than you think she is. Chichi is a very pretty legal counsel, blogger and my morning ritual buddy (Why do you straighten your hair and I curl mine? Haha). A day with Chichi means a day of non-stop laughter and conversation. 

She’s wearing her casual batik dress which I want to have (though I like this more. Can I have it Chi? haha)! 

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Yatanar is a sophisticated young lady, full of energy and opinion. The first thing I love about her when we met was her eyes, then her shoes. Haha. Yatanar is wearing Burma’s traditional skirt, longyi, which I need to see and have for myself soon! 🙂

Don’t miss the latest in Myanmar’s blogging community, follow Yatanar in twitter: .

These ladies are definitely conquering the world in style, well, Southeast Asian style. So here’s my current ASEAN Style addiction. What’s yours?