Tweeting helped my dad.

My dad turned 59 last Tuesday. This year, he celebrated his great day with the same enthusiasm but in a different venue, hospital. 😦

Growing up, he’s a very strict dad but he always explain his point. I don’t know why but he’s very expert in world history (that’s why he’s very bored in the hospital because there are no CNN or BBC and he keeps on watching teledramas). He’s a very naughty and loud person, “makulit” as everybody says. I remember when I was in elementary, everybody’s saying that if I’ll have a boyfriend without finishing college yet, my Dad will ask me to marry and leave the house as soon as possible because he’s very strict. But it wasn’t true, he’s strict and makes sure that you’ll stand firm (and fight for it if necessary) to whatever you believe in. He’s a very cool and kind man.

Since he is in the construction industry, he drinks a lot as part of motivation in his workers and as part of “pakikisama.” He’s always the last man standing in drinking that made him look more scary and strict. We thought we’re prepared for this but when Dad’s liver started to have a problem, we realized that there’s never a preparation for these kind of things.

His hemoglobin dropped to 7.3 last Friday, half of the normal 14. His liver wants rescue in producing red blood cells that made me and my whole family panicked. He was getting weaker and more pale.

I didn’t know where to get them but I knew, I must.

Then, I tweeted (part unconscious).

After a few minutes, Tonyo Cruz, a famous blogger in the Philippine Blogging community, retweeted my post. Then 5, 10, 20 people that I didn’t know, retweeted what I said. Some of our friends sent group text messages. I was overwhelmed by the fact that many people care about my dad, some were my friends and colleagues, some didn’t even know him.

I remember writing about the power of posting and re-posting a month ago because I was so impressed with the natural kindness of people and I didn’t know that when it happens to me, it’s much more impressive.

On Sunday morning when I was looking for people who’d donate O+ Blood for my dad, Enzo, a Filipino photographer and blogger from Bulacan and Carina delos Santos, a very kind-hearted Filipina from Muntinlupa who started donating blood when she saw the hardships of her family in looking for blood donors when she had dengue (and almost had blood transfusion), arrived in the hospital and told me that they will donate blood to my dad. I mentioned the places where they lived for you to realize how grateful I was that they went all the way to Taytay, Rizal and donated blood to my dad. How cool was that? Who are these people? 🙂

Though because of the schedule and several other things, Enzo wasn’t able to donate. Me and my family truly appreciate his kindness. 

Amazingly, both Carina and Enzo didn’t know Tonyo, the person that they both follow in Twitter and the person who disseminated the information about my dad. I am very thankful to Tonyo’s big heart and I would really appreciate if I’ll have a dinner with him and would be very grateful to finally introduce Enzo and Carina to him. 

Words can’t explain how grateful I am.

Several people sent me emails, Facebook and text messages, and even tweets from friends from Indonesia, US and Singapore, expressed their prayers and support for dad’s fast recovery and for me and my family’s strength. Thank you very much.

My dear sweet friend Agatha Tapan, dropped by the hospital to pray over my dad. 

My ever supportive friend, Danica, brought a cake for me for my dad’s birthday.

I don’t know how will I be able to thank my aunts (Tita Billie & Tita Carol) who were there from there from the very start. I never felt scared, I was never alone. My Ate Marissa coordinated with the Red Cross for the blood which made me feel so much better together with the prayers of my cousins and friends.

After the transfusion of 3 units, Dad’s hemoglobin was 8.7, increased but still not a good number to proceed with the operation since that time we learned from the result of the CT Scan that he has Cirrhosis of the liver. So we asked our friends and colleagues again for help.

My Japanese supervisor, Kaoru Ito, donated blood for my dad. It was very unexpected since Japanese people are mostly scared to visit hospitals in the Philippines unless their familiar with it, so I was very surprised and thankful to her.

These are the people who donated blood for my dad that our family will always be thankful:

And of course, I was okay because of Taku. He reminds me everyday that tomorrow will always be another great day and that tough people know it. For the record, it was his first time to meet my parents and surprisingly, my Mom had spoken Japanese again and entertained him. Haha.

Dad’s still undergoing the second unit of blood transfusion and might finish the last tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow morning, he’ll push through with the operation and he’ll be able to get out of the hospital after.

Again, thank you for the support and prayers and God bless you more! Let’s keep on tweeting!


She’s the person who has the most influence in my life, literally, not just because she’s my mom but because she’s very good in her craft…motherhood. She’s very shy whenever someone praises her on how she managed to raise her children well (well, I guess we’re good kids kahit papano. Haha), she’ll lightly hit the person while joking that “90% of how a child thinks and behaves comes from the mother’s genes so every guy should marry a beautiful and smart woman to have beautiful and smart children.” Haha.

I hope to be a good mom too someday, just like her.

Whenever we go home, we’re thinking of how simple our lives were when we were kids and how she and dad managed to push us to go after what we were aiming for. She used to say, “Nothing’s impossible.” No one can beat her record. She has the loudest voice whenever she wakes us up in the morning and reminds us on the good and right things. She cooks and bakes foods that are so mouth-watering, had the longest patience in listening during our after-school-storytelling, and has the undying fashion sense and sweetest laugh. She’s also a good sales person, convincing me that “balut” will make my brain slow, that lack of water is the cause of my pimples (when I was a high school sophomore), that I should be nice to everybody for fate to be nice to me as well, and that “every pimple, blemish and wrinkle in my body is a sign of a life well-lived.” She’s a perpetual teacher and friend, I’ll always be grateful to have her as my mom.

To the most patient and loving woman for us, happy birthday & Happy Mother’s Day!

We love you.


Grew up fast.

Once I heard this from a friend,  “that’s the good thing about time, it flies.”

“It’s funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything’s different”.

From my old blog (Sept. 2008): It’s so amazing how time flies so fast. How the handwritten became typewritten, how Betamax became DVD, how penpals became phonepals and eventually became textmates, how porridge was made available in an “instant” packaging to substitute the used-to-be Lola’s merienda during my childhood, how Daddy gave me freedom to live on my own without hearing his usual loud voice when scolding me, how Mommy stopped me from crying from the usual life intrigues, how my friends who used to be Mama’s girls became Mom’s with girls,how my dreams seem to be closer, and how my number of so-called “friends” were trimmed down into half but now more fulfilling since they’re more precious and true…

This afternoon, after watching so many footages of the catastrophe in Japan from CNN and NHK, I reassessed my life and priorities. I stopped for a while, cleared my mind and let the most indispensable things to float in my mind’s surface. And just like any other Filipino (we have very close family ties), I realized that my family is on the top of the list of my priorities, then my boyfriend and friends.

I had a chat with my Dad. He’s a strict dad but he talks about everything with me now, I knew then that time flew and I grew up. I’m the eldest and that maybe the reason why I am amiable according to my mom, I had responsibilities at a very young age.

I was 11 yrs old at a Family Reunion.

I grew up well. I have great parents, they are my superman and wonderwoman or maybe, my malakas at maganda. 🙂 They didn’t have degrees (Mom’s an Economics undergrad and Dad’s a Civil Engineering undergrad) that’s why since we were kids, they taught us to be independent and they instilled in our minds that we will be the one to teach other people how to treat us and that RESPECT will always be earned and will always matter. They said they want us to have a good life and have better choices

at my college graduation. Mom’s hair looks weird.

It’s amazing how parents love their children.
It’s amazing how they sacrifice for their kids’ good life…(because they’re the fruit of their love, as they say)
It’s amazing how they make their children feel secure, that everything will be alright the next morning.


I used to hear from Dad, “I should have given you the life that you deserve.” And I always say, “you’ve given us the best life. It may not be perfect, but it’s the best.” It rips my heart to listen about his frustrations and I always want to shout “Dad, we’re OK!” but I think it’s not enough to say that I had a good life and with no regrets, I must show him that I am indeed having a good life and it’s all because of him and Mom. 

Talk with parents makes me feel good all the time. I can still remember when I first asked Mom to enroll me in school…I was too young. haha. Time flies so fast, Charmaine and I are now grown ups. AND I BELIEVE , IT’S PAYBACK TIME.


My uncle  was drunk today and he talked to me and said, “if me and your dad will die soon, remember that you and your cousins have blah blah blah.”  I didn’t want to hear it but the two of them say that often whenever they get drunk. LOL.

Here’s my blog entry last 2009 about them when they were drunk:

Usapan sa “matatandang” baso.

I am definitely blessed.

Usapan sa "matatandang" baso.

“Wala man tayong magagawa sa sitwasyon dahil may sarili na siyang desisyon, ang mahalaga malaman nya na may tumututol sa kanyang desisyon.” Siguro nga, ito ang ugaling nakuha ko sa tatay ko. ..
…Hangga’t kayang ipaglaban ang pinaniniwalaan kong tama; hangga’t kayang intindihin at ipaintindi ang mga bagay-bagay sa mga taong maaapektuhan ng mga ito; hangga’t kayang lumaban, lalaban. Walang maliit, walang malaki para kay Daddy…lahat ng aksyon may epekto, lahat ng kasalanan may kaukulang parusa. Diskarte at disiplina. Sabi nga niya, kahit na di malaki ang pagbabago, kahit di malaki ang impluwensya mo, ang mahalaga, narinig nila ang nasa isip mo at napaisip sila sa sinabi mo… maaari ka nang nkaimpluwensya kahit 5% non… Sa maniwala ka’t sa hindi, nag-iba na agad ang resulta dahil don.
Simula pagkabata, (lalo na nong naging SK Chairman ako) nasanay na akong makinig sa mga usapang baso—kwentuhang madalas ay galing sa puso at tunay na hangarin.
At sa mga pagkakataong ito ay may makulit na inumang nagaganap dito sa bahay habang nagkkwentuhan kaming magpipinsan. Nakakatuwang pagmasdan sina Daddy, Tito at iba pa nilang mga kaibigan habang masayang nagtatawanan at nagaasaran. Ang sayang makitang masaya sila, nakakalimot sa anumang sinasabi nilang disappontments at frustrations nila, inaalala ang mga masasayang alaala. Naisip ko, sa pagtanda ko, gusto ko din ng ganito…(parang si Juday lang) kahit 80 katao lang matira sa dinami-dami ng kaibigan at kakilala ko, basta di sila aalis, tatanggapin nila ako kahit na anong mangyari, at magkakaintindihan kami.  Kailangan nating lahat yon, sabi nga ni Mother Theresa, the greatest malady on Earth is the feeling of being rejected and unloved.
At habang nagtatype ako nang kung anu-ano lang, humiga na ang mga cute kong tito at mga kaibigan nila, mayamaya…
“Nagdadasal ka ba gabi-gabi? Nagsosorry ka ba kay Lord?”
“Di ako nagsosorry.”
“Magsorry ka muna. MagSorry ka muna.”
“Nahihiya ako.”
“Sige na… Una ko kasing sinasabi eh…”
“Alam mo, matagal akong tulog…”
“Ikaw? Kailan ka lang nagising?”
“Gising ka ba ngaun?”
Sabi nga ni Willie, mas mabuti ang magbigay kesa bigyan, ang masaktan kesa manakit, ang malamangan kesa manlamang.
Haha. Hindi ko alam kung may patutunguhan pa kami dito pare-pareho basta alam ko, almost 3 days akong may lagnat. 38.5 ung una kong temperature nong Sunday. Hindi ko alam kung H1N1 ba ang virus ko o labnat daw o talagang may dengue lang dahil tuwing gabi pabalik-balik ang lagnat. Haha.
Happy birthday Mommy! I love you! Mua. Please stop greeting me every 5th. hehe. 
Advance Happy Mother’s day! You’re the best mom and my best friend kaya wag mo na po isipin un ah.
“Minsan sa ating buhay, meron tayong mga bagay na hindi natin nakikita kaya kailangan natin ng iba para makita ang mga ito”— mula sa  aking Tito Hector habang tinatanong nya kay Daddy kung asan sya at sinasagot naman ni Daddy ng “asa Baguio. Asa Pampanga.  Asa Talinting.” At kung mahal mo ang isang tao, sasabihin mo sa kanya kung anong mali at pangit sa kanya dahil may concern ka, yun ang sabi nila. =)

Nasa bahay ang puso ko (super mushy entry!)

Home feels good, always. And Easter Sunday brings HOPE, always.

Sabi sa text ni Lloyd Luna, author ng “Is there a job waiting for you?” and “Do you have the life of your own?”…EVERYTHING ends up alright. If it’s not yet alright, then it’s not yet the end.”

Maybe that’s why I’m feeling uneasy these days, madami pang hindi “alright.”

But I’m glad that I’m starting to bring back the missing pieces in my self…in my life, the one that was broken and took me months to fix. Good thing, my dreams didn’t fade. Now, I have hopes. And I still have Him to be intrepid.

I missed living my life. Now, I have a clear path to walk on, true people to hold tightly, and a “never-get-tired-of-Cyra” God to be with me all the way. It’s true that you’ll know the true ones during adversaries, not just anniversaries. Hehe. (I’m trying to be humorous, deymn the rhymes. Haha). And when everything’s done and when you’re left with vague choices, you’ll keep your faith and hold Him tight in prayers.

Funny. Totoong nkaka-degrade ang pagiging bum, and then everything follows. Susunud-sunurin ka nang pahirapan ng lahat ng aspeto ng buhay mo. Then, you’ll feel helpless and empty. Parang back to zero kahit alam mo naming hindi. You’ll reach your lowest point. You’ll cry at maaawa ka sa sarili mo. Pipilitin mong isisi sa iba’t ibang bagay o tao sa paligid mo ang mga nangyayari. Dadating ka sa punto na sisihin mo ang kurso mo at ang malawakang palakasan at diskriminasyon na nangyayari sa iyong masusing paghahanap ng trabaho. Dalawang bagay ang pwedeng mangyari: tanggapin mo ang trabahong hindi mo gusto dahil kailangan mo nang may maiabot na pambayad ng kuryente at makalipas ang ilang buwan ay balik sa pagiging unemployed ka uli dahil di mo matagalan ang trabaho o hintayin ang gusto mong trabaho (na di mo alam kung gusto ka rin o kung talagang gusto mo yon) at tumaas ang posisyon makalipas ang ilang buwan pati na rin ang sahod, benefits at tatawagin kang “Ma’m” o “Sir” ng guwardiya na bawat dumadaan ay yon ang tawag nya.

Everything will be alright.

Hay. Buti na lang may pamilyang di nang-iiwan.
Buti na lang may mga tunay na kaibigan.
Buti na lang kahit na madalas problema ang boyfriend, at lagi daw ako nakakasakal kaya wala ako laging surprise, makita lang siya, parang kaya nang labanan ang mga kaaway at sakupin ang buong mundo.

Ang totoo, natatakot ako sa mga susunod na mangyayari…

Takot ako.

Pero kailangan kong harapin. Baka pag nadaanan ko na’to, kunwari na lang di ako duwag, tuluy-tuloy na ang ligaya! Yehey! Hay.

Help me Lord, please.