Latest trend in Hanoi?!

When we visited Hanoi for Christmas, we realized  when we wandered around that we’ve found some interesting fashion trend in Hanoi that might be a good idea to collect and for Apple to be inspired:

The iSHOE and the iBAG! 🙂

Wrap Around Cambodia

Since I grew up in a country that is so exposed to American culture, seeing Cambodian men walking and biking around in a very hot noon wearing collared polo instead of T-shirt is an interesting sight to me. I realized, this is a casual outfit for men of Siem Reap, Cambodia.

I think I’ve seen more girls wearing what I’m used to as “casual clothes”- jeans, short, skirt and shirt.

I even asked one of the admirable Cambodian bloggers, Chak Sopheap, to stop for a while for me to take a photo of her very pretty pumps! Haha.

But I was very curious about what Khmer Fashion industry has to offer or rather, has been offering for the past centuries. Like Indonesia’s batik, I am fascinated by Cambodia’s silk and since it’s a neighbor of Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, the Fisherman pants and the traditional Sampot are always in the list of “to-buy” for a first-timer like me.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find either of the two but found this wrap around pants in the Old Market, originally for 7USD but I haggled to buy for 3USD (that’s just around 125Php!)

The fabric is very light, comfortable and perfect for the very hot weather of Siem Reap and the Philippines. It looks like the traditional Cambodian trouser and can either be tied at front or at the back depending on your preference and style (I tied it at front in the photo above).

It can be worn as a casual pants paired with a tight top and a strap-y sandals like the one I worn when I went around to see the astonishing temples:

Because of its straight cut, comfort and elegance are both achieved with this pants. The simplicity of color and the high waist are perfect for an evening attire or even for a corporate attire paired with a simple jacket.

I tried to pair it with my mustard pointed shoes and black sleeveless top (Maldita) together with a gold long necklace with a few brown stones in a busy work-day and since everybody likes it (plus the fact that it’s affordable!), I just had a beautiful fun day!

So if seeing the temples is on top of your bucket list, don’t forget to include this pants too! It’s available in the Old Market and even in the Night Market near Pub Street.

It’s simplicity, comfort and elegance qualify it as a must-have. Plus! The thought that you’re wearing a piece of history and Khmer’s identity!

Just please be reminded that it opens in the sides since it’s just wrapped and tied. Though it doesn’t open widely when you walk, please be aware of how you sit or just wear a cycling shorts together with it if it’s not that hot. 🙂 Or else, you’ll look so ridiculous like this:

Hay naku. Now I know why the guy was so nice to take my photo, libre boso. Haha.

If you want to order online, you can check this very beautifully hand-crafted Khmer brand, Artisans Angkor, based in Siem Reap, which originally started as an avenue for young rural people to find work near their home village. But eventually has become a real showcase of Khmer workmanship for its silk fabrics and garments, stone and wood carving, lacquer ware, polychrome products, silver plating and silk painting.

Fashionably Asian

I love being Asian. I love being Southeast Asian more because there’s something unique in ASEAN’s traditional clothes that I find so elegant and full of characters and stories of the past.

Fortunately, I met some interesting beautiful ladies that continuously sharing and wearing their love for their Southeast Asian culture. 


Please don’t sue me for taking Jessica’s photo from her blog. Please. Jessicat fans. 🙂

I love Jessica. She’s a very vibrant, fun and smart (and hot!) Malaysian. I like how she tells her adventures everyday and of course meeting her personally is a different story, conversations are longer and more fun!

In the photo above, she’s wearing a handmade printed dress from Cambodia. Check out more of her fun adventures and style at or in twitter: @ImTheJessicat.


Don’t be deceived by the beautiful smile, she’s tougher than you think she is. Chichi is a very pretty legal counsel, blogger and my morning ritual buddy (Why do you straighten your hair and I curl mine? Haha). A day with Chichi means a day of non-stop laughter and conversation. 

She’s wearing her casual batik dress which I want to have (though I like this more. Can I have it Chi? haha)! 

Don’t miss things about Indonesia and Indonesian fashion & lifestyle by following Chichi at or in twitter: @ChicMe.


Yatanar is a sophisticated young lady, full of energy and opinion. The first thing I love about her when we met was her eyes, then her shoes. Haha. Yatanar is wearing Burma’s traditional skirt, longyi, which I need to see and have for myself soon! 🙂

Don’t miss the latest in Myanmar’s blogging community, follow Yatanar in twitter: .

These ladies are definitely conquering the world in style, well, Southeast Asian style. So here’s my current ASEAN Style addiction. What’s yours?

I love Manila!

Look what I found!

I like how Filipino artists show some patriotism these days. I found this very affordable yet stylishly useful bag in Kultura Filipino (as usual) in SM Makati. I like the brown handle that gives a little sophistication that make it appropriate for me to carry around in some semi-formal events. They have several designs depending on your need and your style but please beware when you go to Kultura Filipino cause since they have a lot of things and they’re in SM malls, you might find yourself not stopping. 🙂

Burdang Taal, Habing Pilipino

I had an amazing time last Saturday in the Philippine Fashion Week. Though alone, I got to appreciate more the Filipino craftsmanship that made me want for more.

There were 17 designers who showcased their collections of Burdang Taal, a very detailed hand-embroidery technique that originated in Taal, Batangas, in formal, casual, classic, relax, dreamy, easy, cocktail styles.

I like the top of this JC Buendia design. I think I could wear this top going to work paired with a simple easy skirt.

Also caught my eye is the sophistication of this top and skirt by Dong Omaga-Diaz.

I personally like Fanny Serrano and seeing his fabulous collection made me feel so proud of where the Philippine Fashion is now. The colors and details are very pleasing.

I like Lito Perez and his collections, too! Lito Perez is very talented that you can see the very historical and elegant details of his collections. I had a chance to work with him before when we feature Villa Tortuga, an ancestral house in Taal where you can wear Filipino traditional costumes and live like an Illustrado, and I fell in love his crafts so quickly. I like the color and please notice the details in the skirts.

When I was looking at this collection, I was imagining that it’s being worn by the Philippine Airlines flight attendants! Haha. Personally, I think, this will look good on them and will add sophistication. This collection is from Rolando Lirio.

Here are the other collections:

Dong Omaga-Diaz

Randy Ortiz

Edgar Madamba

I like the skirt’s designs!

Edgar San Diego

Johnny Abad

Jontie Martinez

Oskar Peralta

JC Buendia

The featured collections are from Edgar Madamba, Vic Barba, Bergamo, Dong Omaga-Diaz, Lito Perez, JC Buendia, Fanny Serrano, Gerry Katigbak, Johnny Abad, Edgar San Diego,Ole Morabe, Jontie Martinez, Roland Lirio, Richard Papa, Anthony Nocom, Randy Ortiz, Oskar Peralta.

I personally like the collections and I’m hoping that there’ll be more of this kind in the Philippine Fashion Week for the coming years because they showcase the Filipino talent and craftsmanship that is very unique and sophisticated.

Improvised Statement Necklaces. This is a headband that I bought in Baclaran (in Manila) years ago. It actually has a gold chain which I inserted the white ribbon from National Bookstore (sold per yard). My first intention was to change the ribbon in the headband depending on the outfit but since I feel that it’s quite tedious and white looks sophisticated, I decided to wear it in  white and as a necklace in some occasions as well. 

Do you have this crazy idea too?

Philippines is one of the best places for women in the world according to World Economic Forum (WEF) because of being a gender-friendly nation.

Basing on this fact, I’m seeing more and more Filipinas wearing “boyfriend’s polo” or polo that belongs to a man (father, brother, friends). 

Here’s my version of Boyfriend’s Polo. I’m wearing cousin’s polo, black leggings and boots from SM Parisian. I love this laid-back look at work that adds a little fun and twist to the usual corporate attire.