Burdang Taal, Habing Pilipino

I had an amazing time last Saturday in the Philippine Fashion Week. Though alone, I got to appreciate more the Filipino craftsmanship that made me want for more.

There were 17 designers who showcased their collections of Burdang Taal, a very detailed hand-embroidery technique that originated in Taal, Batangas, in formal, casual, classic, relax, dreamy, easy, cocktail styles.

I like the top of this JC Buendia design. I think I could wear this top going to work paired with a simple easy skirt.

Also caught my eye is the sophistication of this top and skirt by Dong Omaga-Diaz.

I personally like Fanny Serrano and seeing his fabulous collection made me feel so proud of where the Philippine Fashion is now. The colors and details are very pleasing.

I like Lito Perez and his collections, too! Lito Perez is very talented that you can see the very historical and elegant details of his collections. I had a chance to work with him before when we feature Villa Tortuga, an ancestral house in Taal where you can wear Filipino traditional costumes and live like an Illustrado, and I fell in love his crafts so quickly. I like the color and please notice the details in the skirts.

When I was looking at this collection, I was imagining that it’s being worn by the Philippine Airlines flight attendants! Haha. Personally, I think, this will look good on them and will add sophistication. This collection is from Rolando Lirio.

Here are the other collections:

Dong Omaga-Diaz

Randy Ortiz

Edgar Madamba

I like the skirt’s designs!

Edgar San Diego

Johnny Abad

Jontie Martinez

Oskar Peralta

JC Buendia

The featured collections are from Edgar Madamba, Vic Barba, Bergamo, Dong Omaga-Diaz, Lito Perez, JC Buendia, Fanny Serrano, Gerry Katigbak, Johnny Abad, Edgar San Diego,Ole Morabe, Jontie Martinez, Roland Lirio, Richard Papa, Anthony Nocom, Randy Ortiz, Oskar Peralta.

I personally like the collections and I’m hoping that there’ll be more of this kind in the Philippine Fashion Week for the coming years because they showcase the Filipino talent and craftsmanship that is very unique and sophisticated.


Paskong Pinoy

                There’s truly no place like home and Christmas in the Philippines always leaves wonderful memories. Aside from the usual things that we know about the Christmas Pinoy like the “simbang gabi” with puto bumbong and bibingka, and carolling; what I like about Christmas in the Philippines are the Family Reunions especially nowadays that there are many OFWs and this is the season that not going home seems to be unforgiveable and sad for most of us.

                It’s a tradition for a family to all be together on the Noche Buena and Christmas day and I’m wondering if “videoke” is part of the tradition but it seems so familiar and homey seeing a karaoke machine in a family reunion, a Filipino thing. Haha.

I like what Coca-Cola “Happiness project” has done to the Filipino OFWs. After seeing the TV ad, I realized why Coke stays number 1 worldwide: knowing the right thing to do at the right place and time. Coke knows that Philippines is a country with a very close family ties, that Christmas is a very important time of the year and that there are many Filipinos working for their family abroad nowadays and this is the time to touch everyone’s hearts.

I also like how Filipinos encourage kids to look forward to the “birth of Jesus” and perform for everyone before giving the Christmas gifts. I remember the time that I was singing or reciting poems for my relatives while crying because of shyness and maybe, for not figuring out why I needed to do it. Haha. I miss Christmas carols though.

I spent Christmas with my family, helped out in preparing the food and wrapping gifts for all our grandchildren and some friends. As usual, it was tiring entertaining everybody that visits our home but I was very thankful with these little girls, my inaanak, Ashley and her niece, Isay, when they had a fashion show at home.

I enjoyed them so much; I hope they’ll grow as beautiful women. 

Wishing everybody happy holidays! Anyway, for a complete tutorial of Filipino Christmas, here’s Mikey Bustos in his Filipino Christmas Tutorial!

FLEXITIME no more.

When I was working in ABSCBN, one of the leading broadcasting companies in the Philippines, I didn’t experience having a “time card” for the company to monitor the time I come in and out of the office. It was because we normally work in broken time, longer hours or should I say, mostly, 24 hours. I was used to having an indefinite schedule. Aside from the schedule, the workload and lifestyle are extremely different from what I call the “usual” job. What I meant by usual is the job mostly in the corporate world in 8am to 5pm shift. Before, I used to think that the production or the media industry is for the crazy and brave people- people who are very spontaneous and adventurous. After working there for 2 years, I found out that it’s true. And I adulate those people who opt to work and become experts in that field.

Having all the perks like meeting and interviewing the most famous personality inside and outside the country (may it be actress, politician, author or singer), having special treatments from several places (restaurants, resorts, hotels and even in hospitals) and even from people like the person from the government or the traffic enforcer, the network became my “comfort zone.” I got used to the FLEXITIME and I loved it for a period of time. But due to several reasons, I decided to leave my comfort zone.

Leaving my comfort zone means leaving all the perks and the flexitime. Yesterday, after a long time, I rode a train (MRT) going home and I realized the hassle of riding it during “rush hour.”

at MRT Ayala Station

Aside from the fact that it’s getting hotter now in the Philippines because the summer is fast approaching, inside a jam-packed train feels like you’re being grilled. I started to think positively and creatively by observing about the movement of people upon entering the train then, I imagined that I was like water, flowing uncontrollably. Haha. It was fun during the first two stations, though I was hearing several complaints from an old lady (which was quite annoying), on the third station, I got suffocated and got too tired. I guess I got tired because of the old lady’s complaints because I don’t want to see old people experiencing tough moments and complaining how bad their situations are, and that made me realize that I have to work harder to have a good life, retire with a life that I’m dreaming of and possibly, help my parents to have a wonderful retirement. It’s not that I’m saying that riding a train is not a good thing what I’m saying is that we have a choice to live the good life that we all deserve, we just need to set a goal and work on it.

Flexitime no more, I know I have to live with the rush hour because this is where I want to be.