Forgetful Blogger

“Do you want me to take your picture?” was how Kris and I started a conversation when me and my Japanese friends were trying to take our photo before boarding. 

Kris is fun. So I decided to introduce him to my Indonesian girlfriends/ bloggers.

“I want to be a blogger.” He’s funny, so the four of us started a fun blogging tutorial.

And yes, he was the gatecrasher in Blogfest Asia 2012!

I thought it will end in Siem Reap together with his thoughts that he might have an amnesia someday and his only proof of existence and memories is his blog. But I was wrong. 

I read this in his blog:

My First Tumblr blog is dedicated to my three new friends I met in Cambodia!  They have not only accepted me as their new best friend but also introduce me to the art of blogging!  So I can say whatever I want!  I wanted to visit Cambodia for the long weekend, but who would have thought I would meet three dedicated bloggers!

And I suddenly miss the three of them 😦 

We are so proud of Kris and we hope that he’ll be more inspired to share and blog. Keep us posted with your adventures!

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