NYE 2012: Away from home

Growing up in a very family-oriented society like the Philippines, I make sure every year that I’ll be joining my family in the new year’s eve and that no member will be missing simply because there’s a belief that it will mirror the whole year and I definitely don’t want to be away from them the whole year! Haha. Aside from that, we have our annual family reunion-bingo and we always look forward to it but this year, I spent the year-end-new-year away from home for the first time. It was not as miserable as I imagined to be, maybe because it was just a trip and when I went back home, I still felt the holiday feeling. 

It was totally a different new year’s eve, a totally different feeling. I spent the remaining days of 2011 with Taku and his friends and welcomed 2012 with good food, beautiful sea and music, fireworks, wine and amazing friendships! 

I thought I was over the happy thoughts already but when I’ve seen the photos in my files again, I couldn’t stop thanking God for the guy who always try to make everything better than the last time. (For the record, it was better cause I didn’t spend the holidays in the hospital which I used to do for the past 3 years!)

Oops! The beautiful restaurant is Breeze at Samaya Villa in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. I think it’s nice to stay in their villas next time. Haha. Hmm..

Actually, after the countdown, dancing, and fireworks, we continued the celebration as if we’re in ‘Hangover’ (it’s nice to hangout with guys with all these crazy stuffs) and went to the nearest 711 where we met an Australian (is she?) girl who was so cool, lovely and wasted, she’s down here: 

then we rode the motorcycles which are like a taxi (yes, since it was so traffic and we want to experience those motorbikes which Indonesia has a lot!!!, we opted to ride with them instead of a cab):

…rode going to the villa! Then the party continued in the 2-bedroom beautiful villa with awesome bath tubs in a huge I’d-love-to-have-it toilet, a nice swimming pool, and a cool interior design (It was in Vinly Villas)…

and on the first day of the year, everyone loves hangover!!!

(From the Philippines, I comfortably flew to Singapore via Cebu Pacific Air and flew to Bali via Air Asia)

NYE 2012: Universal Boys

Seems like we were childhood friends in a reunion trip, yeah? Upon looking at the photos of my year-end-new-year trip with Taku and his friends, I noticed that I’ve developed fondness in these guys, actually, I call them ‘Universal Boys!’. Haha. I’m amazed with guys with wonderful friendships, in fact, I have some college friends (SIBAK) who are just like these guys, but this group is like…girls. I mean, aside from good looks (I owe them that since they treated me well during the trip. sshhh. Of course my Taku is no.1 yohooo!), I noticed that they’re as vocal as girls to each other but since they’re Japanese, it still looks like ‘businesssy’ to me, very rational and practical.

Here’s what they do: At the end of the year, they travel together, have fun and on the last day, they will have what they call ‘symposium.’ Symposium looks like this:

In the symposium, they will talk EVERYTHING about:

  1. Current trip
  2. Upcoming trip
  3. What happened to them in the year that passed
  4. Their plans for the coming year
Being with these guys were so difficult at first because we have a totally different culture and language. Good thing I was working in a Japanese magazine and have worked with a lot of Japanese but you could imagine how many times I bowed or got nervous thinking about what to say if I was asked to say something when they ‘cheers!’ haha.

But I really wish all friendships are like what they have, definitely, no one will feel lost in their own life.

This was the last photo of us together in the trip. I went alone to a separate hotel while some of them (including Taku) flew to Singapore and 3 of them stayed for a couple of nights, I can still remember how sad I was. haha. When I look at this photo, I miss the Universal boys and I always wish them well.