25 and looking forward!

Note to everyone: this is a bit mushy and very personal blog entry, please bare with me, I know this is too girly. Haha.

“Every scar, pimple and wrinkle in your body is a sign of a life well-lived,” uttered by my ever cheerful mom who always tries to be positive despite the difficulties. For the past 25 years, I lived by that principle and will continue living with it for the years to come.

As 2011 ends and as I come to the realization that I am finally 25, the moment of self-evaluation comes with a celebration. I think I was blessed with a very supportive family and friends and lucky to have met wonderful people along the way (and hoping to meet more for the next years!) who taught me how to do things right and not to stop dreaming and believing. Just like what Elle Woods says, “Believing in yourself never goes out of style.” I listed the 25 things that I dreamed and gambled to achieve in 25 years:
  1. Hiked and Climbed mountains (dreamed and experienced before I turned 18).
  2.  Surfed (finally!).
  3.  Delivered speeches in public.
  4. Produced and directed a documentary about New People’s Army (NPA)– Basically, this was the reason why I took up Journalism, when I experienced being in the middle of the NPA and RP Military encounter when I was in high school then wondered why they were doing such things.
  5.  Camped (with and without electricity)- I grew up with this!
  6.  Won a provincial quiz bee.- Subject: Filipino.
  7.   Had different sort of relationships (long, short, quick, emotional, and easy. Haha)
  8. Published in newspapers (hope there are some in blogs too in the near future. *fingers crossed* Hope I’ll be able to do something interesting and beneficial to others.
  9. Graduated with honors. – those days. Haha.
  10. Worked in TV Production and News & Current Affairs department in one of the biggest TV networks in the Philippines.
  11.  Backpacked in and out of the Philippines.
  12. Slept in the airport and train/bus terminal.
  13. Couchsurfed and explore cultures.
  14. Played basketball and got a medal. (haha. Only award in college)
  15. Got drunk and threw up.
  16. Composed a song.- I used to write poems a lot so it was easier to put a melody.
  17. Appeared on national TV. Haha.
  18. Had a broken heart (twice!).
  19.  Became a manager.
  20. Partied til I dropped.- I can’t do this anymore! It comes with the age. Haha.
  21. Got a degree! – I think this is always in the list of achievements of Filipinos in my generation. I got a few staff interviews and when I asked them about their achievements, it’s the “degree!”
  22. Brought a gift for my dad. I was too glad to finally buy something expensive for my dad last Christmas, watch. I hope this Christmas too!
  23. Got good friends.
  24. Now learned and having the best. *kilig*
  25.  Travel abroad. – I promised myself that I must be able to reach this goal before I turn 25. I thought about it all the time, wrote it over and over and travelled 3 times before 25.
A friend once said that when you’re 25, it’s too early to give up on your dreams and settle for less but too late to not know what you want in life. I suddenly felt that I’m in a very critical age. Haha. I need to start the 5 to 10 years plan again cause I just finished the first 5-year plan that I did when I was 20 and included in my list are the following:

·         Have a few good businesses: Flower Farm & Shop with my Mom (oh! Please help me God!), (Recycled) Paper & Accessories Shop or Travel Essentials Shop because I get high with these stuffs, Coffee Shop and maybe a Marketing & Events Management Company (if I can survive the fast-changing creative industry and will be able to invent and reinvent all the time.  Just like what Jeff Benjamin said in Spikes Festival 2011, “Invent or Die.”)
·         Good savings for retirement! (me and my parents)
·         Europe & South America Trips (Italy hello!)
·    Have good blogs and eventually publish an e-book or books about Marketing & Advertising as a mirror of each nation/culture and a fiction or novel.
·         I secretly dreams of being a travel show host or a show about cultures and nations. Shhh…
·         If lucky enough and fate permits, I’d love to stay happy in love and finally have my little angels. *hmmm*

Just like when I first written my goals when I was 8, I didn’t know which will be achieved but I knew that it must be written to be remembered for me to be better every day. 
Let’s all make 2012 a better year for a better us!

Comfort Food

Lugaw / Arroz Caldo (photo from Nestle)

Today, I confirmed that my comfort food is Lugaw (porridge). When I was still working in the network, the pressure of coming up with a good story or the consistency of the continuity of each scene pushes me to look for good food that will make me feel better then I always end up eating congee. 
Champorado (photo from energychef.com)
Whenever someone asks me about my favourite food, I always say “Champorado” (sweet chocolate porridge) because I grow up with it! My mom used to cook it if I got good grades or she feels that I need pampering so I think growing up, I treat champorado as a prize. Most of my foreign friends think that it’s weird eating dried fish with champorado (which Filipinos normally do) but the sweet and salty taste make it so much interesting and worth craving for.
Zousui (photo from foodosohpy.wordpress.com)
Last night, Taku cooked Zousui, a Japanese rice soup made from pre-cooked rice, water and some vegetables and spices, and I found myself thinking about it while I was working this morning! I know I’ll not be able to have it for lunch because Taku’s working and there’s no Japanese restaurant near my office. I feel so upset but when I walked around the street while I was looking for place to dine in, I saw Ba Noi’s Vietnamese Restaurant and I immediately ordered rau muong xao (stir-fried water spinach in garlic and Vietnamese seasoning) and Pho Ga (steaming hot chicken noodle soup with soy bean paste and chilli sauce). Ba Noi’s Vietnamese Restaurant’s ambience is really cosy (the menu is like a cookbook with ways on how you’ll enjoy eating Vietnamese food) and the food is authentic. I think it’s the best Vietnamese restaurant in Metro Manila next to Bawai’s Vietnamese Kitchen in Tagaytay.
Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle Soup)
Just for your information, according to Mr. Yong Tatlonghari, opwner of Bawai’s Vietnamese kitchen, in Vietnamese, “Ba Noi” refers to to the grandmother on the father side while “Bawai” refers to the grandmother on the mother’s side.
My comfort food, regardless of “what” dish, is something with rice and watery or noodle but should be hot. It’s a proof that i grew up in Asia and i love rice. Haha.
To support this conclusion, I thought of the times that Taku asked me about what I am craving for lunch or dinner and I remember thinking about Risotto a lot. Risotto is a class of Italian dishes of rice cooked in broth to a creamy consistency (according to Wikipedia).
Risotto (photo by supermamafitness.com)
I’m feeling better now but I still expect to eat Zousui cooked by Taku in the days to come… 🙂

I think I know how to break my ice.

Yesterday, I realized that I’ve been in my current job for a year already and I think my career goals improved a lot, clearer this time.

I have genuine interest in people ever since and that’s the only thing that didn’t change as time goes by.

I grew up believing that I want to end up being a Broadcast Journalist. That was my one and only dream because I want to talk with people, but when I was very near to the realization of that dream,  I felt that I didn’t belong in that industry. True, maybe I gave up too soon, but I know I want something more…

Communications and Media-related posts are everywhere! My college professor told me before that I should be very aggressive because there are many careers to venture in the industry of Communications but after joining some well-known companies in the industry, I know that I have to trim down the scope of choices and focus.

The field of Marketing, Sales and Advertising excites me. 

Look around you, media influences everything and I always crave to be part of “that” influencing body that can eventually transform lives, especially for the youth and their image of themselves.

Considering my experiences and interests, and after learning that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the average estimated growth of jobs to enter the field of Advertising/ PR/ Marketing is around 68, 000 until 2016, my eagerness to pursue a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising intensified. Keen competition is expected that’s why I want to learn more about Global Marketing.

The BLS reports that advertising and promotions managers saw mean annual earnings of $91,100 in 2007. That same year, marketing managers earned $113,400 and public relations managers earned $97,170. All three occupations saw mean annual earnings over six figures in New York and New Jersey. (http://www.collegegrad.com)

Going back to school excites me.
I’ve been out of school for almost 4 years and just like how other people give so much emphasis in the consequence of being 25, I have a guilty feeling that I should take the learning to a higher level.

After all, I’m feeling quite old these days because of the routine. To stay fresh and young, I know learning new things is a must.

Traveling to next level?


Have you ever heard of the song “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson? I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. My imagination flew to the future, did U-Turn, then, flashbacks. 
It’s my song (now in my possession. Haha). 
I grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down, I just stare at the window. Dreaming of a could be and if I end up happy, I would pray. I’ll do what it takes til I touch the sky, make a wish, take a chance, make a change, and BREAKAWAY.
Since I was a child, I know I would like to travel the world and discover its wonders. But I think, before beginning the sally to world’s discovery, I must master my own little archipelago. So, for the past 24 years of my life, I’ve tried exploring it as much as I can. I didn’t care how should I get there, when it comes to travelling, I try to be spontaneous and open-minded. I believe that we will only see the best of the world if we don’t hinder or limit ourselves from what the world could lay at our feet.  I think I’m prepared to take this self-imposed benchmark of world discovery to its new heights because I’ve already climbed, droved, trekked and cleaned up mountains; cooked with stones and drank with bamboos; ridden the waves and glided with the fishes and became amazed with the beautiful corals; drunk and danced til I dropped…

…met wonderful creatures…

…met wonderful people… 
Lapu-Lapu, Jose Rizal, Enchanted (what’s his name?) and kissed the hand of Josefa Llanes Escoda.
I still have a lot of places to discover in the Philippines and it awes me everyday. I’ll visit Mindanao soon!

Based in my LIFE GOALS which I’ve written when I was in gradeschool, I should have traveled most of the places in the Philippines and experience being out of the country at the age of 25. Oh my! I’m included in the long list of “EDSA babies” so I’m turning 25 this year! I panicked when the year started and booked a flight to somewhere out of the country right away! Haha. Well, time indeed flies so fast, I’ll be leaving on Friday for Jakarta and looking forward to the fun and exciting new experience. 

The food, language, people and culture— I’m delighted!

Ninoy as a President: NO!; Single: YES

I’m thinking of sleeping early tonight, maybe 9pm is a good idea, but I think I’m too pre-occupied of so many things around me and quite a few things that happened to me for the past weeks. My mind’s like a balloon that will explode any moment from now because of too much helium and several circumstances are still making efforts to put more of it and maximize the space of the balloon. Simple.
I just checked my livejournal, facebook, multiply and Friendster account and realized that I haven’t updated them for long. Maybe it’s one reason why my mind is full…too full. Maybe I need to write something about some things lately.
My stand in “Ninoy as President” is a NO. I believe that there are so many things to be done.  Just like Inscrutable, I must agree with Gary Olivar, deputy presidential spokesman of PGMA, who asserted that Noynoy must be “his own man.” It’s true, if Cory didn’t die last month, they might not think about Noynoy as a “President.” I mean, I’m not against Noynoy but hey, this is a big risk. He should know that he has a very minimal proof of his competency and he really indeed has to learn and prove a lot to deserve to be called as “President.” Alright, I’m not hardcore in the field of politics, I had a taste of it but I’m not updated anymore. I’m now just like any other Filipino who works 5-7 days a week and would rather spend the night talking and drinking with friends than scrutinizing each and every person in the political arena. But with that lifestyle, I represent most of the Filipinos, and that means I have the right to say that I don’t think that Noynoy is incompetent but he still has to prove himself to be the RP’s president.
I miss running, dancing and yoga. Good thing I have my cousin with me who never fails to help me prioritize learning new poses and yoga disciplines every weekend.
 I’m now living independently in QC during weekdays and I’ve got new friends and have more time with old girlfriends who used to be teasing me for being too busy and good for not attending gimmicks. Haha. I love them. I’m single (for those who sent me PMs asking if it’s really true, yes, it’s true and don’t tease me for being one because I’m enjoying it) but I’m dating from time to time. But I’m not in real hurry though I miss having someone to care for and to tell how my day was. I receive messages from a few guys asking for chances but hey, I just can’t really be unfair to you, everyone matters and what you feel matters to me so please stop acting like I said that I’m really falling in love with you because I was just being nice to you by replying to your messages or answering your calls and it disheartens me knowing that you’re planning ahead because you thought there is “US”.
This is the saddest part, when you’re not into a serious one, and trying not to get too attached and someone just took your ‘nice’ actions into something really serious that will break hearts. I want to touch hearts, teach minds and transforms lives…but I always want it to be positive…a growth for everyone. Well, I show it if I like a guy but I make sure that there’s an alarm whenever my actions show the “WE CAN EXCLUSIVELY DATE” sign. It’s not that I don’t want to be in a serious relationship but I just don’t think that the timing is right and I still have doubts with the person…maybe.
Just recently, I think I like someone. Given a chance, I would love to be called as his girlfriend and leave the good single life I’m having right now. Hell yah, I’m saying this! Whaaat?!?  Haha. But this is the hardest part, when you started with no strings attached then you’ll realize one day that you’re too trapped in the routine and just can’t live a day not knowing how he was. Well, I still can endure this actually but I don’t know if we’re both scared to be in a relationship or just testing the waters. I don’t want to figure out whatever is happening or whatever it is that we have for each other, I just like this feeling because I last felt it eons ago. I JUST LIKE THE FEELING OF SMILING FOR NO REASON AT ALL. I’m not in hurry, it’s just he’s the best guy at the moment, and there are several actions that make me feel that he wants “US” but …. I don’t know what’s the but. Well, enough of this. Haha. I’m just in the wonderful idea that maybe, I’m on the first step of falling in love again. Haha. Anyway, I don’t think he knows that I like him because I’m talking about different guys as we talk. Hehe. Wrong move. Well, maybe it’s a good thing, diba?
Tomorrow is my IJM anniversary in ABSCBN. Thanks Gwen for reminding me, we used to be together in this but I know you’re happy now. I’m happy at work, but not fulfilled.  I’ll have a good day tomorrow!
You should know if the person is worth it because the fulfillment in true love is worth the wait. And it feels good to be accepted and cared for always…but the best part is when you smile with no reason at all and everything seems to be right.
Greenwich tayo! Haha.

When suffocated, you just need to give in.

The Bottom Line

Trust yourself — you will be able to recognize an opportunity when it comes along.

In Detail

The romantic rejections you’ve suffered in your life have been painful, but they have taught you valuable lessons. You’re a much stronger person because of what you’ve been through and you have a better idea of what you’re looking for. Now more than ever, you know what you want, what you need, and most importantly, what you will not tolerate. Trust yourself and know that you will be able to recognize a good opportunity when it comes along.

Officially the last day as 21.

Today is officially my last day of being 21.

I just can’t believe that tomorrow I’m 22 already. And as what Mj told me, my nirthday should be the most important day of the year because it’s the day that I was born. *tears* I’m glad that with that statement he seemed to be too thankful that I was born *kilig*. But unfortunately, I didn’t prepare anything for that special day.

I just want Red Ribbon’s Smores cake.

And i’m gonna eat it later with my most-loved couz, Zha, when the clock strikes at 12.

I just wanna be with my super miss na miss mom and sis…but I cant.
I thought I’ll spend the day with dad but he’s home (at Lopez, Quezon). *teary-eyed* Wish I was there also.
Well, I love to spend the day with my MJ. And I will tomorrow.

I have that hobby of jotting down all those who greet me on my birthday with time, so I’m thinking of doing it again this year!…later. Hehe. 

I was reminiscing my past birthdays a while ago, and I just realized that my past two birthdays were too memorable.

2006: I celebrated it with Aillete under my favorite Orion’s belt in our house’s roof, with pizza. Then, Darren showed how he appreciates me.. It’s memorable cause I too much love stars and Orion’s belt. And I love aillette cause she appreciates the smallest details of me. She’s one of the best friends i’ve ever had. Darren is a good friend. Some things are not just meant to be… And I’m happy that he accepted that. *wink*

2007: I can say that it was the BEST. Best efforts made by my angel, Mj. He drove me home (Quezon) and let me spend my day with my most-loved family. It was the most memorable gift that I had ever in my life. Thanks for that dude. Pag naaalala ko, super happy ako. nkasmile ulit. hay…

I just received a call from dad. Mom, Tito Eddie and Kuya Jodel greeted me. It feels good. I love life. 

I’m excited for tomorrow.
Note: the bouquet with heart is made by my budz, Glenn and was given to me on my birthday last year. Thanks budz. i miss you.