25 and looking forward!

Note to everyone: this is a bit mushy and very personal blog entry, please bare with me, I know this is too girly. Haha.

“Every scar, pimple and wrinkle in your body is a sign of a life well-lived,” uttered by my ever cheerful mom who always tries to be positive despite the difficulties. For the past 25 years, I lived by that principle and will continue living with it for the years to come.

As 2011 ends and as I come to the realization that I am finally 25, the moment of self-evaluation comes with a celebration. I think I was blessed with a very supportive family and friends and lucky to have met wonderful people along the way (and hoping to meet more for the next years!) who taught me how to do things right and not to stop dreaming and believing. Just like what Elle Woods says, “Believing in yourself never goes out of style.” I listed the 25 things that I dreamed and gambled to achieve in 25 years:
  1. Hiked and Climbed mountains (dreamed and experienced before I turned 18).
  2.  Surfed (finally!).
  3.  Delivered speeches in public.
  4. Produced and directed a documentary about New People’s Army (NPA)– Basically, this was the reason why I took up Journalism, when I experienced being in the middle of the NPA and RP Military encounter when I was in high school then wondered why they were doing such things.
  5.  Camped (with and without electricity)- I grew up with this!
  6.  Won a provincial quiz bee.- Subject: Filipino.
  7.   Had different sort of relationships (long, short, quick, emotional, and easy. Haha)
  8. Published in newspapers (hope there are some in blogs too in the near future. *fingers crossed* Hope I’ll be able to do something interesting and beneficial to others.
  9. Graduated with honors. – those days. Haha.
  10. Worked in TV Production and News & Current Affairs department in one of the biggest TV networks in the Philippines.
  11.  Backpacked in and out of the Philippines.
  12. Slept in the airport and train/bus terminal.
  13. Couchsurfed and explore cultures.
  14. Played basketball and got a medal. (haha. Only award in college)
  15. Got drunk and threw up.
  16. Composed a song.- I used to write poems a lot so it was easier to put a melody.
  17. Appeared on national TV. Haha.
  18. Had a broken heart (twice!).
  19.  Became a manager.
  20. Partied til I dropped.- I can’t do this anymore! It comes with the age. Haha.
  21. Got a degree! – I think this is always in the list of achievements of Filipinos in my generation. I got a few staff interviews and when I asked them about their achievements, it’s the “degree!”
  22. Brought a gift for my dad. I was too glad to finally buy something expensive for my dad last Christmas, watch. I hope this Christmas too!
  23. Got good friends.
  24. Now learned and having the best. *kilig*
  25.  Travel abroad. – I promised myself that I must be able to reach this goal before I turn 25. I thought about it all the time, wrote it over and over and travelled 3 times before 25.
A friend once said that when you’re 25, it’s too early to give up on your dreams and settle for less but too late to not know what you want in life. I suddenly felt that I’m in a very critical age. Haha. I need to start the 5 to 10 years plan again cause I just finished the first 5-year plan that I did when I was 20 and included in my list are the following:

·         Have a few good businesses: Flower Farm & Shop with my Mom (oh! Please help me God!), (Recycled) Paper & Accessories Shop or Travel Essentials Shop because I get high with these stuffs, Coffee Shop and maybe a Marketing & Events Management Company (if I can survive the fast-changing creative industry and will be able to invent and reinvent all the time.  Just like what Jeff Benjamin said in Spikes Festival 2011, “Invent or Die.”)
·         Good savings for retirement! (me and my parents)
·         Europe & South America Trips (Italy hello!)
·    Have good blogs and eventually publish an e-book or books about Marketing & Advertising as a mirror of each nation/culture and a fiction or novel.
·         I secretly dreams of being a travel show host or a show about cultures and nations. Shhh…
·         If lucky enough and fate permits, I’d love to stay happy in love and finally have my little angels. *hmmm*

Just like when I first written my goals when I was 8, I didn’t know which will be achieved but I knew that it must be written to be remembered for me to be better every day. 
Let’s all make 2012 a better year for a better us!

When I grow up…

“…I want to be a doctor”– the usual answer of kids in my time, I used to say the same. Haha.

I used to think about how my 25th birthday is going to be, thinking that it’s quite like a “moment of truth” for each individual. I was born and grew up in a countryside, so growing up, I found myself daydreaming on how I want to live my life. I’ve been writing so many things to accomplish before I turn 25 and I even have this 5-year goal listed in a small index card after my college graduation that made me realize today that I’ve quite did a great job in sticking to my goals (except for being financially literate. Haha) for the past years and how some things really change. But yes, what’s important is how you live every day of your life.

When I was in preschool, I wanted to be a teacher.
When I was in Kinder, I wanted to be a doctor.
When I was in Grade 1, I wanted to be an Accountant (My mom even got mad of the student teacher that told me that I couldn’t be an accountant because I was bad in Math. Haha)

Then I started to think about short-term goals like being top in class, best orator, best in Reading and Comprehension competition or the winner in provincial quiz bee, just because with so many influences and so many options, I couldn’t figure out what I really want to be when I grow up. On my third year in high school, I figured out, I wanted to be a Broadcast Journalist, I simply wanted to be in media because of the observation that Filipinos has been influenced by media a lot (every house has a television regardless of their status in life) and I wanted to contribute to the growth of every Filipino. I’ve wanted to understand each side of the story, I’ve wanted to be part of the history and lastly, I want to influence even a single mind.

In 25 years, I lived by my mom’s advice: “every scar, pimple and wrinkles in your body, is a sign of a life well-lived” (you can imagine what my legs look like because of outdoor activities).

My first life lesson: determine what you want at the moment, trust your instinct and follow your heart. It’s a bit tough to try to convince and prove to everybody that “it will make you happy” especially with Filipino closed familywhich everyone has something to say about you and what you do, that’s why you have to trust your instinct because it’s your life and it’s definitely what defines you. Just like what the great Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” Everything happens for a reason. Five years from now, you’ll know why things happened that way because no matter how hard the rock hit you in the head, you surely learned something good from it. 

Second lesson: determine what you deserve and life will give it to you. If I hadn’t written my life goals in 5 years, I would never know where I was going and what will definitely satisfy me. In life, you need to have a benchmark, to evaluate and define your life. I will now renew my 5-year life goals and maybe make it 10 years since things are getting clearer in my view as time goes by! But one definite example is that, in 25 years, I’ve been in a few relationships, was hurt, cause hurt, didn’t get satisfaction but learned, that forced me to list down the things that I deserve and in a few months of aiming it and living with it, I got the relationship that fits… just crazily beautiful.

Third lesson: no matter what you achieve in life, you’re never greater than others because the moment that you think that you’re better and greater, that’s when you start to be envious, judgemental and greedy. This is related to what Steve Job’s said “stay hungry, stay foolish.” There’s always something to learn so always keep an open mind and heart because life never fails to give us surprises.

Hearing about the great Steve Jobs death recently and reading his speech is a devastating moment, knowing that in the era that I belong, this great man contributed a lot in every progress of my time and of my life. I am fascinated by Apple and used iPhone for a couple of years. I know Pixar and love their movies. Job’s stories happened in my time that’s why they feel so near and real. He is a great man whose contribution will always be in our hearts and inspire us to choose, now.

It’s still 4 days to go before my 25th birthday, all I know is that I promised myself that I’ll explore the Philippines and make sure to go out of the country before I turn 25, and surprisingly, I did, twice. Now, I need to make another list and I still have 4 days.

I think I know how to break my ice.

Yesterday, I realized that I’ve been in my current job for a year already and I think my career goals improved a lot, clearer this time.

I have genuine interest in people ever since and that’s the only thing that didn’t change as time goes by.

I grew up believing that I want to end up being a Broadcast Journalist. That was my one and only dream because I want to talk with people, but when I was very near to the realization of that dream,  I felt that I didn’t belong in that industry. True, maybe I gave up too soon, but I know I want something more…

Communications and Media-related posts are everywhere! My college professor told me before that I should be very aggressive because there are many careers to venture in the industry of Communications but after joining some well-known companies in the industry, I know that I have to trim down the scope of choices and focus.

The field of Marketing, Sales and Advertising excites me. 

Look around you, media influences everything and I always crave to be part of “that” influencing body that can eventually transform lives, especially for the youth and their image of themselves.

Considering my experiences and interests, and after learning that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the average estimated growth of jobs to enter the field of Advertising/ PR/ Marketing is around 68, 000 until 2016, my eagerness to pursue a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Advertising intensified. Keen competition is expected that’s why I want to learn more about Global Marketing.

The BLS reports that advertising and promotions managers saw mean annual earnings of $91,100 in 2007. That same year, marketing managers earned $113,400 and public relations managers earned $97,170. All three occupations saw mean annual earnings over six figures in New York and New Jersey. (http://www.collegegrad.com)

Going back to school excites me.
I’ve been out of school for almost 4 years and just like how other people give so much emphasis in the consequence of being 25, I have a guilty feeling that I should take the learning to a higher level.

After all, I’m feeling quite old these days because of the routine. To stay fresh and young, I know learning new things is a must.


This is my routine lately.

Sad Monday: Work + Talk/ Email Taba
Patient Tuesday:   Work + Weekly Sales Meeting + Jogging with Mhe and Donna + Talk/ Email Taba
Hardworking Wednesday: Work + Dinner with Friends + Talk/ Email Taba
Thirsty Thursday: Work + Jogging (depends on the situation) + CS Manila Thirstday + Talk/ Email Taba
Happy Friday: Work + Out with friends/ Home in Las Pinas + Talk/ Email Taba
Lazy Saturday: RANDOM activities + Talk with Taba
Laidback Sunday: Attend the Mass + Yoga class with Zha + Talk with Taba

But since I have upcoming trips, and I have to fix my laptop, I have errands to attend to. Last night, I was busy organizing my things then right after everything was fixed as I opened my door, I found out that my closet was broken! I wanna shout and cry! 😥

Then, I found a solution! It looks so minimalist but I think I’ll opt to hang all my clothes so that I’ll see them easily!

DISCOVERY: For the past months, I thought I need to buy new bags because I’ve been using the same bag. But I’ve proven that my bags were just kept in my broken closet. Haha. Now, I have NO RIGHT OF BUYING A NEW ONE. Haha. Save Cyra!

The disaster, the resolution and the discovery!
And my mind’s preoccupied of thinking of a new blog and site name because someone’s using the same name but the “-” is placed in a different place and she started earlier than me. Huhu. I’ve been haunted by the “need” to provide it as soon as possible. 
“Taba, be creative kasi!”- Takuya
At the moment, my mind’s preoccupied of the thought of seeing my boyfriend again! He even sent me a spreadsheet of our schedule! Haha. I have to do my research.

Richest Person in the World 101

When I woke up this morning, I realized that I have a new goal: to be one of the richest person in the world.

I came to realize that goal because when I looked at my wallet before going to work, I only have 66 pesos. I was surprised and thought of the things I’ve done yesterday. Then I realized that I ate out and gave money when I heard the mass.

It was a mixed feeling.

The fare going to the office is tricycle ride- 6 pesos and Shuttle ride- 60 pesos. Brilliant! No excess! No contingency fund! I was so careful in my action because any move and delays could affect things. I might miss the shuttle and pay more and I don’t have the capacity to do it! LOL.

I looked at my planner and all my notebooks (I’ve got so many notebooks because I get high whenever I have new one) where I wrote down my 5 years plan, then I grasped that I’ve so many plans but I am so financially illiterate.

Savings= no movement.

          Don’t reprimand me on this again. I know what to do, I’ve read a lot on this, and yes, I’m just stubborn. But I’m very good in budgeting, but not for my own money. Tomorrow’s a new day, a new payday! So, I’m going to think of more ways on how to be one of the richest people in the world. Oh well, I have a long list of expenses monthly (rent, life insurance, Mom’s SSS, other insurances, credit cards, allowance for our home in the province) but the hell with those things! LOL. I know that I’m living life and I’m being a good daughter and friend (Excuses for not being responsible in handling my money). Aside from that a successful businessman said that to be rich, we have to value our relationships and our people.

          Mom reminded me today that I have to buy her a flower farm for their retirement. Oh no! Flower pot, I think, that’s possible! J

          I have to spend the whole night for my serious planning. Yahooo! Dan Guiam, watch out! LOL.

Dear Savings,

Please don’t leave me. Please stay in my bank account for long.
I need you. 
I really really need you.



Random sadness.

For 3 consecutive months, our Client Services Team had reached and exceeded the target Sales for each month and the management just announced it and congratulated us awhile ago during our weekly Sales Meeting. I don’t know why but I felt unhappy about it. 

Maybe I am tired. Maybe I am pressured. Maybe I am hungry.

Or maybe I am feeling that I can do better! Even if I’ve been so swamped in paperworks and as-high-as-mt-apo-tasks, I still feel that I haven’t done my best. Is it because I’m having a balanced life? I’m just thinking that it’s about the hormones. Haha.

Well, I’ll be out of town next week and instead of getting excited for my vacation, I’m now pressured of the business meetings coming up! Proposals are piling up! 

Now, all I want is a hug from Taku and a very good dinner.

Ninoy as a President: NO!; Single: YES

I’m thinking of sleeping early tonight, maybe 9pm is a good idea, but I think I’m too pre-occupied of so many things around me and quite a few things that happened to me for the past weeks. My mind’s like a balloon that will explode any moment from now because of too much helium and several circumstances are still making efforts to put more of it and maximize the space of the balloon. Simple.
I just checked my livejournal, facebook, multiply and Friendster account and realized that I haven’t updated them for long. Maybe it’s one reason why my mind is full…too full. Maybe I need to write something about some things lately.
My stand in “Ninoy as President” is a NO. I believe that there are so many things to be done.  Just like Inscrutable, I must agree with Gary Olivar, deputy presidential spokesman of PGMA, who asserted that Noynoy must be “his own man.” It’s true, if Cory didn’t die last month, they might not think about Noynoy as a “President.” I mean, I’m not against Noynoy but hey, this is a big risk. He should know that he has a very minimal proof of his competency and he really indeed has to learn and prove a lot to deserve to be called as “President.” Alright, I’m not hardcore in the field of politics, I had a taste of it but I’m not updated anymore. I’m now just like any other Filipino who works 5-7 days a week and would rather spend the night talking and drinking with friends than scrutinizing each and every person in the political arena. But with that lifestyle, I represent most of the Filipinos, and that means I have the right to say that I don’t think that Noynoy is incompetent but he still has to prove himself to be the RP’s president.
I miss running, dancing and yoga. Good thing I have my cousin with me who never fails to help me prioritize learning new poses and yoga disciplines every weekend.
 I’m now living independently in QC during weekdays and I’ve got new friends and have more time with old girlfriends who used to be teasing me for being too busy and good for not attending gimmicks. Haha. I love them. I’m single (for those who sent me PMs asking if it’s really true, yes, it’s true and don’t tease me for being one because I’m enjoying it) but I’m dating from time to time. But I’m not in real hurry though I miss having someone to care for and to tell how my day was. I receive messages from a few guys asking for chances but hey, I just can’t really be unfair to you, everyone matters and what you feel matters to me so please stop acting like I said that I’m really falling in love with you because I was just being nice to you by replying to your messages or answering your calls and it disheartens me knowing that you’re planning ahead because you thought there is “US”.
This is the saddest part, when you’re not into a serious one, and trying not to get too attached and someone just took your ‘nice’ actions into something really serious that will break hearts. I want to touch hearts, teach minds and transforms lives…but I always want it to be positive…a growth for everyone. Well, I show it if I like a guy but I make sure that there’s an alarm whenever my actions show the “WE CAN EXCLUSIVELY DATE” sign. It’s not that I don’t want to be in a serious relationship but I just don’t think that the timing is right and I still have doubts with the person…maybe.
Just recently, I think I like someone. Given a chance, I would love to be called as his girlfriend and leave the good single life I’m having right now. Hell yah, I’m saying this! Whaaat?!?  Haha. But this is the hardest part, when you started with no strings attached then you’ll realize one day that you’re too trapped in the routine and just can’t live a day not knowing how he was. Well, I still can endure this actually but I don’t know if we’re both scared to be in a relationship or just testing the waters. I don’t want to figure out whatever is happening or whatever it is that we have for each other, I just like this feeling because I last felt it eons ago. I JUST LIKE THE FEELING OF SMILING FOR NO REASON AT ALL. I’m not in hurry, it’s just he’s the best guy at the moment, and there are several actions that make me feel that he wants “US” but …. I don’t know what’s the but. Well, enough of this. Haha. I’m just in the wonderful idea that maybe, I’m on the first step of falling in love again. Haha. Anyway, I don’t think he knows that I like him because I’m talking about different guys as we talk. Hehe. Wrong move. Well, maybe it’s a good thing, diba?
Tomorrow is my IJM anniversary in ABSCBN. Thanks Gwen for reminding me, we used to be together in this but I know you’re happy now. I’m happy at work, but not fulfilled.  I’ll have a good day tomorrow!
You should know if the person is worth it because the fulfillment in true love is worth the wait. And it feels good to be accepted and cared for always…but the best part is when you smile with no reason at all and everything seems to be right.
Greenwich tayo! Haha.